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Dragon Ball Super

Goku Black Facts That You Should Know From Dragon Ball Super

goku black facts

Zamasu, also known as Black Goku, was introduced in the 47th episode of Dragon Ball Super in 2016. He is the main antagonist or villain of the Future Trunks Saga of the anime. Goku Black is Supreme Kai’s student from the unaltered timeline Universe 10 and here we shall look into some facts about him. Then he just went pure dark and crazy from there. Doesn’t he seem like Thanos or Madara, who just wants a new start? Then his long journey, he went to Universe 6 to get the Super Dragon ball and requested the Super Shenron in that timeline to help him switch his body with Universe 7’s Goku. He wanted to destroy all living beings with Future Zamasu. He even fused with Future Zamasu at the end to defeat everyone. Yes, basically a typical action antagonist, right?

Black Goku is strong and can fly with the manipulation of ki. One of his techniques is called Divine Retribution which he uses in Super Saiyan Rosé form. He can do a blast using his ki using that move as well. One of his signature moves is Super Black Kamehameha which he uses in Super Saiyan Rosé form. This evolved to Binding Black Kamehameha, which is a combo attack of Goku Black in his Super Saiyan Rosé form with Future Zamasu, in which Future Zamasu holds the opponent in place while Goku Black attacks them with Super Black Kamehameha. Let’s know more about him!

Facts about Goku Black:

10. Future Bulma named him “Goku Black”

Initially, Goku referred to himself as Goku, but then he was named “Goku-Black” by Bulma because he wore black clothing. He named Zamasu “Black Goku”. Eventually, Zamasu killed off Future Bulma in another timeline.

goku black facts

Special form : Super Saiyan Rosé

9. Goku Black used to be a calm person before the darkness took over

Zamasu used to be a calm and patient person who was loyal to his teacher. However, he hated the living beings and perceived them as obscenity in the world. He thought of humans as the Gods’ greatest mistake. He eventually even started to hate the gods for not correcting their mistakes.

black goku facts

Goku became a dark person

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8. Goku Black killed his former master “Gowasu”

Zamasu gave in to his dark side and killed his master Gowasu. He was cruel and destructive, yet he didn’t have a conscience about his actions. Just like a typical antagonist, he wants to clear off humanity from the earth to make the world pure again. It was quite a ruthless thing to do and morally-less as well.

black goku facts

He kills his Supreme Kai teacher Gowasu

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7. Goku Black has a “God Complex”

Goku Black switched bodies with Goku from the unaltered main timeline in Universe 7. He even displayed infatuation with the Saiyan. Goku Black wanted to kill off the mortals himself, indicating that he believed that it was his own responsibility. He started thinking of himself as the Supreme God. Only after he exchanged his body with the Saiyan, Zamasu became Goku Black. He became more emotional and gained many opposite traits of Saiyan.

black goku facts

God Complex

6. Goku Black is bloodthirsty and killed ‘Future Bulma’

Future Zamasu and Black Goku both are extremely sadistic, cruel, bloodthirsty, and hypocritical, which can be seen when he kills Bulma and justified it as purifying the world, whereas he was enjoying his blood-lusting delight in it. Goku Black is brutal, savage, and a torturer who fractured Future Trunks’ arm and ki blasted at his defenseless opponent. Somehow, he still retains his old polite behavior. Goku Black enjoys when others inflict pain on him, displaying masochistic vibes.

Dragon Ball

Goku black kills Bulma

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5. Manga’s Black Goku’s personality is different from the Anime version of him

In the manga, Goku Black’s personality was very different from his anime one. In the manga, Goku Black was calm and calculating, but in the anime, he gets flustered and angry very easily. The difference in their personality shines through easily. Anime’s Goku Black performs his attacks with finesse and technique. In the manga, he prefers to use an aggressive fighting style.

The difference in their personalities is probably due to the fact that Manga’s Goku Black had not met Goku, and that’s why he never had a personal connection with him. Due to this, none of Goku’s characteristics, such as a composed demeanor, shows up when Black Goku is fighting.

Dragon Ball

Goku Black

4. Future Zamasu and Black Goku were allies in the manga, whereas Future Zamasu was merely a pawn in the anime

His relationship with Future Zamasu is different in anime and manga. In the anime, he and Future Zamasu genuinely thought of each other as allies who were like brothers, but in the manga, Goku Black considered Future Zamasu as a puppet. Even Future Zamasu thought that giving his divine body to Goku Black was despicable. They almost turned against each other in the anime too.

black goku facts

Super Saiyan Rose and Future Zamasu

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3. His ultimate form is Super Saiyan Rosé

Instead of Super Saiyan Blue, Goku Black has a unique form of his own. It has the same power level as Blue and it’s his special form is Super Saiyan Rosé. It gives him baby pink hair. Goku Black is the only Saiyan who has been able to reach this form. There’s a theory that mortals who have reached the God form can become Blue, but only a true God can reach Super Saiyan Rosé form.

Dragon Ball

Black Goku in Super Saiyan Rose form

2. 1993’s Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan

The story of Zamasu and Goku Black ended with their demolition. Goku Black has a fun fusion form in the game of Dragon Ball: Fusions. It’s not canon, but it has some really exciting fusions in the game. It also produces an interesting Fusion of Goku Black with Broly.

The Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly, is one of the most powerful and enigmatic Saiyan warriors. With the Fusion, Broly and Goku Black combine their powers into Karoly Black. The special move basically mixes Goku Black’s Super Saiyan Rosé form with Broly’s Super Saiyan form to create a baby pink and greenish blond hair.

black goku facts

Fusion of Black Goku and Broly

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1. Goku Black fused with Future Zamasu

While normal Fusions usually create a dynamic, powerful version of both of the characters, Goku Black’s Fusion with Future Zamasu proves to be their undoing in the very end. In the beginning, it was really effective. They were easily able to defeat Vegito Blue, the influential Fusion of Goku and Vegeta. But the fact that Goku Black is a mortal started to weaken up the Fusion Zamasu.

Zamasu had chosen his mortal form to remind himself for and against whom, but this bonding with his future immortal self makes his Fusion very unstable, and they begin to fall apart during battle. In the end, Future Trunks is able to cut through the Fusion Zamasu in half and destroy Zamasu’s body. But instead of gaining victory, he unconsciously releases Zamasu’s spirit, which starts to take over the planet.

For the final move, Goku summons the future version of the powerful Zen-Oh, who comes and releases energy that wipes out Zamasu easily and erases him completely from the timeline. This piece of final act brings Goku Black and Future Zamasu to an end.

Dragon Ball

Goku Black and Future Zamasu fusion

Where to watch Dragon Ball Super?

You can watch Dragon Ball Super on adult swim and Hulu. You can also choose to read the manga on Viz Media.

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