Gohan’s Alternate Design Revealed


Gohan had a unique hairstyle to everyone else; he should’ve retained it. So when he becomes SSJ1, we didn’t know if it was SSJ1 or SSJ2 unless we saw the electric sparks in his aura. Gohan practically looks the same as the base but blonde.

Alternate design by Toriyama for Buu Saga Gohan

In the Buu Arc, it looks like that Toriyama was introducing Gohan to be the first hero because they actually put a lot of time in Gohan reaching his mystic form.

It really seemed like once he got this high strength that he would use it to save the day, but when he confronted Super Buu it was only for several episodes before Gohan was defeated, then Goku comes and saves the day like always.In an interview, Toriyama stated that I intended to put Gohan in the leading role. It didn’t work out. I thought that compared to Goku he was conclusively not suited for the role.

And then after this arc, he just became Yamcha with glasses on. Gohan should strive to be his former 11-year-old self. The hairstyle on the far right combined with an outfit resembling Future Trunks is an excellent throwback to him.Some people just try with different looks and hairstyles. That’s probably my preferred thing about Gohan; he’s arguably the least static personality regarding design.

I don’t hate his original Buu saga look, and it just feels off. Look at Trunks and Goten they have an appearance that is different but still has the essence of what they looked like before. Goten changes, but his new appearance does show its evolution from the primary Goku style.


The Most Interesting Fusion: Android 35’s Real Potential

The prospect of Potara Fusion once again becomes a hot topic in Dragon Ball Super as Universe 6’s Kefla shook the whole World of Void with her massive ki. And not only that, the use of Potara earrings was not actually prohibited, and that was demonstrated once again by Universe 2’s Kaioshin by throwing his pair with Universe 2 warriors.

Because of this, some universes started to consider the use of Potara Earrings. Even Beerus and Shin joined the hype. Interestingly, it was suggested that Android 17 and Android 18 should wear the Potara earrings to make a fusion warrior instead of Vegito. Whis then said that the gamble is very risky because if the fusion warrior, dubbed as Android 35, would be eliminated, it also means that Android 17 and 18 will be out of the game.

Had this fusion happened, this would be the first time in the Dragon Ball series that two warriors with opposite gender will fuse. Fusing two different genders might be difficult for Toei and Akira Toriyama because we will not be certain about many things. How powerful Android 35 would be?

The first reference that we got is the game Dragon Ball Fusions where Android 17 and Android 18 can fuse using EX-Fusion. EX-Fusion is created by Capsule Corporation in the game, and this fusion got unlimited time. The users will have to wear special Metamo-Rings and perform the fusion dance. Also, the fusion can be undone by removing the special Metamo-Rings at will. Though this fusion is not as powerful as the Fusion Dance counterpart