Gohan Won’t Be Getting A Super Saiyan Blue Form

One popular theory that I have noticed going around for quite some time is that Gohan will unlock Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, or Super Saiyan Blue in the Tournament of Power. It is a nice thought, and would be great to see being a fan of Gohan myself, but it’s NOT going to happen and I have proof!

Now before starting this Article, I want to say this is not going after anyone who thinks that Gohan will achieve Super Saiyan Blue. This is Dragon Ball after all, and anything can happen. I’m saying it’s not going to happen cause of what I’ve seen in the show, and what the writer’s have pointed out to us. So let’s talk about it!

Now, I think Gohan will achieve a new level of power in the Tournament of Power. This is the perfect situation for Gohan to feel backed up against a wall and to feel that need to “let go”. Gohan has always been a unique character, someone you can’t really compare to anyone else even Future Trunks. It has been said many times, that Gohan has unlimited potential to his power, which is something that isn’t true for anyone else. Yes, Goku has shown to have the potential to overcome who, or what he needs to at that time, but that’s not unlimited potential to strength! Ever since he was a kid, Gohan has been able to pass his father’s feats from busting out of a Capsule to help his father, or ascend to Super Saiyan 2 and defeat Cell 1 handed..


Why do I think Gohan will not achieve Super Saiyan Blue in the Tournament and where’s my proof? The biggest, and best proof comes straight from the man, Gohan’s mouth himself when sparring with his father before the Tournament to test his re-awakened power. Goku mentioned to Gohan “your not going Super Saiyan?” and Gohan replied “I want a Form no one has ever seen before, I’m going to aim for a different method then you.” This tells us that Gohan is sticking with this Ultimate/Mystic Form, and wanting to max it out, and have complete control over it.

Knowing that, brings up a question. Why would Gohan, knowing the power of Super Saiyan Blue, or even Super Saiyan God not want to go the same path as his father Goku, and Vegeta? Is it just pride? Does he not want to feel like a “repeat”? I think it’s because there’s a lot more to this Mystic/Ultimate form he obtained from the Elder Kai all the way back in Dragon Ball Z.

Knowing that the Elder Kai was once a reining Supreme Kai, and knowing that Supreme Kai’s are god’s could this Mystic/Ultimate form be an older type of God Ki? In the episode where Piccolo and Gohan are training, Piccolo mentions to Gohan that “You can get much stronger!” usually meaning, we haven’t truly seen what this Mystic/Ultimate form is capable of when Gohan has completely mastered it, and has full control.


These are my reasons why Gohan will not achieve Super Saiyan Blue in the Tournament of Power, and what could possibly happen in Gohan in the Tournament of Power. What are your thoughts? Do you think Gohan will achieve Super Saiyan Blue? Why and how will Gohan achieve Super Saiyan Blue? Or do you think it’s something different? Let’s keep the conversation going by leaving your idea’s and opinions in the comments down below! As always, thanks for reading!


Dragon Ball Super Ep 112: Vegeta’s Resolve, Are We Gonna See Gogeta?

There are things that fans are excited to watch in the Tournament of Power. One of this is Goku’s transformation and his fight against Jiren. In just a few episodes away, Universe 11 will command Jiren to take down Goku. Goku, on the other hand, will feel excited because he will finally be able to battle Jiren. Their most anticipated battle will begin in October 8.

But there’s one big bad news for Goku fans out there: Goku might fail to defeat Jiren. Spoilers from Ken Xyro, Todd Blakenship, and others point out that episode 11 will focus on Jiren’s battle against Hit. Jiren will deflect all of Goku’s attack and it seems like even the Limit Breaker form will not be effective against Jiren. Jiren will be unstoppable, and if there is a word that could describe him properly, it will be “God-like”.


Jiren will fight against Hit afterward, and honestly, I think Hit will have a greater chance to give Jiren some damages. He has his time skip ability, and it will only be problematic for him if Jiren does what he did to Goku before the tournament started. Hit will be able to hold Jiren off for a while for a bigger moment in this arc that I think is possible to happen.

You’re now asking what moment did I mean on my last paragraph? It is Vegeta’s moment, of course. Hate him or love him, Vegeta is a clutch character that made beating a powerful enemy possible so many times in the Dragon Ball Z. He helped Gohan defeat Cell with a sneak Ki Blast that made Cell lower his guard. And Episode 112 is titled Vegeta’s resolve, which means that Vegeta will make a huge decision in the tourna….


Written by Jaskaran Oberoi

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  1. Well maybe Gohan does stick to Ultimate form but I’m thinking… what if he, just like his father, mix Ultimate form with SSGSS, except Goku mix Kaioken with SSGSS. Might not be the same but who knows…. it might work in DB universe.

    • It very well could be the case, you really never know what kind of power up/transformation Gohan could possibly get. Who know’s it could be something like Trunks got against Black and Zamasu

  2. I feel like Vegeta is going to have a new form and beat Jiren and the warrior from Universe 4 that can defeat Quitela is also a Saiyan and will appear once Jiren is defeated, because Universe 4 has 2 warriors missing and one of them will be a Saiyan. Then Goku will probably master his new form and if that isn’t enough to beat the new Saiyan then him and Vegeta will fuse together. It’s all speculation but all DBS fans have to be excited right now the possibilities are amazing.

    • It’s a good thought, but I don’t think Universe 4 also have Saiyan’s unless Quitela recruited them.. The only reason why Universe 6 also has Saiyan’s is because its our mirror Universe.. And your exactly right! This is what makes this show so amazing! You can theorize all day about everything, and at the end of the day anything can happen!

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