Godless Season 2 – Everything You Need To Know

Godless is a really popular series. It launched its first season back in November 2017. The series has been loved by the fans. It has been critically acclaimed. If you look at the numbers for the first season, you’ll know that the show will definitely be renewed for a second season. However, there is one major detail that should be kept in mind while we are talking about Godless.

If it were any other show, the show would have already been renewed by now. So, what’s with the delay? The thing is that Godless wasn’t planned to be made into a TV series. It was planned to be made into a movie. However, after some time, the idea of the movie was dropped, and it was turned into a mini-series. The creator of the series confirmed this statement.

Godless Season 2

He also said that he doesn’t have any idea of what season two would look like. But, he hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility of a second season. But, there is no news about the renewal yet. It has been almost a year now, and normally you’d expect the news of the renewal to come out within a few weeks or months.

I highly doubt that the show will return with another season. It is as good as over, which is certainly a shame. Even if this might not be the best news, but, it will at least be remembered for the quality content. Also, in this era of milking a series just for the revenue, I think it’s a really good step.

If you’re interested in the story of the series, then I’ll drop the synopsis below —

The story is set in the 1880s. An American West murderous outlaw gang leader Frank Griffin is on the hunt for ex-protege Roy Goode. Frank’s chase leads him to La Belle, New Mexico. It is a town inhabited mostly by women.

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