God of War 2018: Plot and Update 1.02

God of War 2018: Plot and Update 1.02
God of War 2018

Santa Monica has released a new update for God of War 2018 PC, Update 1.02. What is God of War 2018? What does the update contain? Does it fix all the bugs in it? What are the changes in it? In this blog, we will discuss everything about the God of War 2018 and Update 1.02 in detail. God of War is an action-adventure, hack-and-slash video game in the critically acclaimed God of War franchise. The 2018 game is a reboot of the franchise and is set in Norse Mythology instead of Greek Mythology.

God of War 2018 follows Kratos and his son Atreus on a journey on the highest peak in the nine realms to scatter the ashes of his wife Faye as her last wish. The game launched in 2018 for Sony’s PlayStation 4 and in 2022 for the PC. The game was fully revealed in E3 2017. God of War 2018 had a high anticipation like its prequels, and upon release received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. The game is also a commercial success, selling over 15 million units.

The plot of God Of War 2018

God of War 2018 follows Kratos with his son, Atreus, who goes on a journey to the highest peak in all the nine realms to scatter his wife, Faye, ashes as per her last wish. 

God of War 2018: Plot and Update 1.02
Kratos meeting a Stranger

God of War 2018 starts with Kratos meeting a stranger with godly powers and strength, where he battles him and kills him. He then starts the journey for the highest peak with Atreus and meets a kindly witch of the woods, who after seeing Kratos knows him to be a god. When they reach the Lake of Nine realms, they meet a world serpent, Jörmungandr, the last of giants and is friendly towards them.

Journey to Jotunheim

They find an impenetrable mist during the journey, and the witch of the woods asks them to look for Alfheim’s Light to extinguish the mist and pass through it. When they reach the Midgar’s peak they hear the stranger, whom Kratos fought seemingly fought and killed. Kratos and his son learn that the stranger is Baldur, son of Odin, conversing with Mimir. When Baldur departs, Kratos meets with Mimir. Mimir tells Kratos about the highest peak, which is in Jotunheim that is blocked by giants to prevent Thor and Odin. Mimir tells Kratos of another way to reach the Jotunheim and asks him to behead him and with the Witch of the Wood to revive back. Kratos does as Mimir tells him to do and takes him to Witch of the Wood, who revives Mimir. Mimir reveals that the Witch of the Wood is god Freya. Upon learning this Kratos, immediately distrusts her due to their betrayal in his past. 

God of War 2018: Plot and Update 1.02
Kratos Meeting Mimir

Kratos and the group start to search the components for the Jotunheim. Baldur’s nephews Magni and Modi attack the group, where Magni gets defeated and Modi flees. Atreus collapses “due to a god who believes to be a mortal” complication. Kratos gets help from Freya, who asks him to go in Helheim and look for a specific troll’s heart. He gets the blade of chaos as Leviathan Axe will be useless in Helheim. After getting it, Freya revives Atreus back and tells him that she and his father are gods, which results in him becoming arrogant. Modi later ambushes the group and dies by Atreus, which Kratos was stopping Atreus from doing.


At the peak of the Midgar, Baldur attacks them where the Jotunheim’s portal gets destroyed, and they fall in the Helheim. Kratos and Atreus amend and learn about the relationship of Freya and Baldur, where Freya in the past cast the immortality spell on Baldur. Mimir tells them of another way to reach the Jotuheim and needs his missing eye. The missing eye is in the belly of Jörmungandr. Baldur attacks them once more, and this time Freya interferes. With the help of Atreus’ mistletoe arrows, Baldur’s immortality spell breaks and becomes mortal again. After defeating Baldur, Kratos has to kill him to break the cycle of children killing their parents. Freya grieve-full swears vengeance against Kratos. Kratos finally tells Arteus of his past, which Arteus does not like. Freya leaves, and Mimir hopes that she will move on and understand that Kratos did the right thing.

God of War 2018: Plot and Update 1.02
Kratos Killing Baldur

In Jotunheim, they see a mural describing all their journey. They learn that Faye was a Giant making Atreus half-giant, quarter-human-god. They finally scatter the ash, where Atreus tells him that Faye refers to him as Loki. Mimir warns Kratos about the beginning of Fimbul-winter and Ragnarok is near.  

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God of War Update 1.02 Contents

Santa Monica Studio has released a new update for the God of War PC version that fixes bugs and addresses some changes, which launched on 14 January 2022 on Steam and Epic Game Stores.

God of War 2018

This Update fixes the following bugs:

  • Where the players with 12th gen Intel CPUs had to disable their integrated graphics card for the God of War 2018 to boot.
  • where a UI problem was causing a small memory leak for the players.

Update 1.02 also addressed some other changes:

  • The problem of God of War 2018 not saving due to the Saved Games folder not existing or another permission issue.
  • where the player will receive an error message when their graphics card driver does not respond. This error occurs due to overclocking issues or driver issues.

The update has some notes from the developers where they say that all the other problems will get fix in the future, along with other memory leak issues that currently exist.

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