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Dragon Ball Super

God of Destruction Vegeta: Ultra Ego Explained And Everything to Know

Vegeta New Form

Good news for all the Vegeta fans out there, the day has finally come that we all have been waiting for. With Vegeta’s brand-new transformation, which he calls Ultra Ego, he is officially on par with (or even stronger than) his arch-rival, Kakarot. Thanks to Beerus’ intensive training, that helped him to take his Hakai (destruction) powers to a whole new level. But sadly, even that amazing power fell short before Granolah, who was granted unparallel strength by the Eternal Dragon. 

“Apologies, Lord Beerus, I couldn’t revert back to the callous, unfeeling man that I once was. The God of Destruction’s power was beyond the scope of a novice like me.” These were Vegeta’s words when he was on his last legs, and yet he had a smirk on his face as if he could unleash Ultra Ego even in such an awful situation. So, does that mean Vegeta’s claim about Ultra Ego having no limits is true after all? We bring you everything that you must know before jumping to any conclusion. 

How is Ultra Ego Different from Ultra Instinct? 

Ultra Instinct may seem like a picture-perfect technique, but it requires a calm and tranquil heart to master it properly. Now that’s something that the Saiyan Prince can’t afford, so he required a new technique that goes perfectly with his explosive nature, and I think that his newly attained Ultra Ego transformation has everything that he demanded.

Dbs chapter 74 spoilers

Dragon Ball Super: Granolah, Goku, and Vegeta.

Ultra Ego is derived from the sheer intensity of Pride and Ego and mostly revolves around brut strength and destructive Ki blasts. On the other hand, the Ultra Instinct has a more systematic way of dealing with things. It relies more on swift movements, predicting the opponent’s moves, and adapting to the opponent’s fighting style. In simple words, in Ultra Instinct, the body doesn’t wait for the brain’s signal and reacts or adapts automatically as if each part has a separate consciousness of its own. 

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How did Vegeta Unlock Ultra Ego? 

Vegeta has always trained harder than Goku right from the very beginning of the series, and yet Goku had the upper hand every time they faced each other or a common enemy. He doesn’t lack determination or resolve, but his approach to gaining power was often proved to be inefficient over the years. However, all it took was a little guidance from Lord Beerus for Vegeta to narrow down the huge power gap between him and Goku. 


Vegeta In His Previous Forms

Beerus revealed that the Ultra Instinct isn’t the only technique that the Gods rely upon and teach him the Hakaishin’s signature move, Hakai. In the training session, we saw Vegeta obliterating a huge log directed at him, which confirms that he has somewhat learned the technique. Later, Beerus passed on his Hakaishin earing to Vegeta, which is only passed on to the ones who have mastered the art of destruction. It was his epic fight with Granolah that forgot his destruction powers to a whole new level. 

Is There Any Limit to Ultra Ego’s Powers? 

After attaining the Ultra Ego form two consecutive times against Granolah, Vegeta bluntly claimed that there’s no limit to Ultra Ego’s power. I wonder how much truth lies behind those overconfident words. Did he really find a way to sustain a form with unlimited energy? 


Vegeta’s New Form in Chapter 75

No, I don’t think that the power of Ultra Ego is unlimited, otherwise, there’s no way that Vegeta would have accepted defeat (or a self-sacrificial move) in his fight against Granolah. He must have referred to his unlimited reserve of ego and pride that triggers the Ultra Ego transformation. So, Vegeta claiming to have unlimited power must have been his attempt to crush Granolah’s morale. 

This theory is almost confirmed by the fact that Vegeta did manage to unleash his Ultra Ego transformation a second time, but he didn’t have enough energy to make it last longer. If I remember correctly, Goku too claimed Ultra Instinct to be an undefeatable technique till Granolah shattered his defense by a single hit at his vital point. Thus, we can say that no technique is absolute or perfect in the Dragon Ball Universe, and sooner or later, a new technique will appear to overpower the previously introduced ones. 

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