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God Goku Fights Everybody! Dragon Ball Super 1-Hour Special! New Leaks!!

hit vs jiren dbs episode 109

Just when you thought the hype for Goku vs Jiren couldn’t be great than what it was. We have some brand new information and elite images coming in pretains to tonight’s Dragon Ball Super one-hour special for Dragon Ball Super episodes 109 and 110. As I do want to let you guys know that these images are going to be heavily spoiler filled, so if you don’t want to hear or read about this I suggest you leave and instead wait when they come out.

As I go on ahead and dive into new information released for Dragon Ball Super episode 111 entitled “Extreme Battle of Another Dimension! Hit vs Jiren!!” The description states: “Universe 6’s Hit and Universe’s 11’s Jiren finally clash. Though Hit successfully paralyzes Jiren by evolving Time-Skip, Jiren breaks through this with stupendous power. He then concentrates a ki blast in his hand to attack Hit with.” Dragon Ball Super episode 112 entitled: “A Saiyan’s Pledge! Vegeta’s Resolve!!” The description goes as follows: “The Tournament of Power is nearing its end. Though Cabba is fighting for the sake of Universe 6, he is having a tough battle against the super highspeed tackles of Universe 4’s Monna. Just as he thinks he’s done for, amazingly enough Vegeta saves him. Though Vegeta rouses Cabba by telling him to “fight to be MVP”, Freeza is not amused…”

So even though Frieza understands the fact that Vegeta is on the same team as him, you can’t really put Frieza at fault for this, because you have to consider the fact that why in the world are you even considering saving another opposing enemy is beyond me. So Vegeta saves Cabba, I wonder if they will team up for a short while till the very end of the tournament? Who knows what might happen?

As we’re jumping into the scans as you guys can see first, Super Saiyan Blue Goku colliding with Jiren. So we have Blue Goku, we have Jiren they look phenominal, as ever as we have another scan of the Omni-King.


He looks very pleased by this, his eyes look like they’re just glowing from seeing all the tremendous action in the ring. Now we go into the next shot where Goku has his hands raising in the air, begging and possibly even asking for energy for the Spirit Bomb, nothing new there.

However, then we get to see another scan of Jiren holding his arm and what it looks like Jiren blocking the Spirit Bomb by only using one hand, that’s only assuming if either going to block off the Spirit Bomb using one hand or if Jiren is going to unleash some sort of attack that pushes the Spirit Bomb back at Goku’s direction.

Nonetheless, he isn’t really using any force, he doesn’t look to be concerned at all, if you guys read my last article you guys know it’s confirmed Jiren is as strong as a God of Destruction. He’s not stronger than them, but in fact he is of a God of Destruction tier. So for him to put out one hand and completely deflect off Goku’s trump card, it just says enough as it is. So we have ourselves another scan of Limit Breaker Goku and Jiren face to face and it’s giving me goosebumbps right now because you already know that this is going to be a titanic battle going down tonight and it looks like it’s comfirmed that we are going to see this new power in action, but the question is, is it going to be enough to put Jiren down for the count?

Actually we do have another scan of Limit Breaker Goku in action as you guys can see. It looks like Goku is very, very angry some people speculated in saying that this is not going to be Goku’s final evolution. It also looks like Goku is throwing hands with somebody, obviously enough his hand either got caught or maybe he’s actually delivering some hardcore punches, but this scan right here looks absolutely detailed, the animators behind tonight’s episode and the episodes to come are going to be providing us with top notch A-plus animation.

So as you guys can see Goku’s in action and we have another picture here with Jiren sticking out his hand yet again, we don’t know if this is going to be post Spirit Bomb or before the Spirit Bomb, but either way it doesn’t look like he’s in any sort of trouble, because he is actually on the offensive and possibly in this case on the defensive side.

But also one of my favorite shots in the final scan, showcasing Goku’s new power having to fight all the Pride Troopers. So as you guys can see Goku is in the mix of fighting not just Jiren, but Dyspo and Toppo as well. One on three are you kiddding me?! So how strong is Goku now? That’s the question on everyone’s mind because if Goku has enough energy to step in there with not one, but three of the strongest, if anything the last remaining warriors on the Universe 11 side.

What does this say about Goku after looking at these scans? Well let me know what you guys think? Again this is gonna be one hell of an hour special. Till the next one see ya!

Written by Jaskaran Oberoi

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