Goblin Slayer Episode 8 – Whispers And Prayers And Chants

In the previous episode of Goblin Slayer, we saw the Silver-ranked adventurer fall down in a mission for the first time. They almost got massacred by the trap that the goblins prepared for them. Have you ever wonder how Goblin Slayer got his goblin slaying skills? We will know who is Goblin Slayer’s master in Goblin Slayer episode 8.

After losing consciousness, Goblin Slayer will fall into a deep dream. He will recall his training days with someone only known as Burglar (or Master, for him). Burglar used to give him riddles, and he will throw snow mixed with pebbles at the kid until he gets the right answer. Goblin Slayer himself is the one who asked Burglar to give him the training needed to kill all the goblins in the world. Since Goblin Slayer’s luck is not good, along with his wits, Burglar trained him for five years with all the guts he has¬†before disappearing one day. After remembering his old master, Goblin Slayer will wake up in a room where he is beside the sleeping and naked Priestess. A few moments later, he will be greeted by Sword Maiden, who removed her blindfold.

It turns out that Goblin Slayer is healed by sharing a bed with a pure maiden, and that is Priestess. Sword Maiden will tell the story of how she was attacked by goblins when she was younger, and that incident will haunt her to this day. She will try to seduce Goblin Slayer into her bidding, but with his monotonous voice, all Goblin Slayer will answer is “I see.” In the end, Sword Maiden’s last question will be “Will you help me?” to which Goblin Slayer cannot think of something to say.

After that conversation, Priestess will wake up, asking Goblin Slayer if he saw anything. Of course, Goblin Slayer will answer “Yes” in his dull voice. They just complete dressing up when High Elf Archer kicked the door open, Dwarf and Lizardman behind her. High Elf Archer will tell them that the coffin where Goblin Slayer almost met his end is a secret passage, and that’s what they’ll be exploring next. That’s it for Goblin Slayer episode 8 spoilers. Will they discover something inside the secret passage? We will know in the future episodes.

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