Goblin Slayer Episode 7 – Goblin Slayer’s Canary

Goblin Slayer and the rest of his team are in the Water Town to slay some goblins. In the previous chapter, they found out that the goblins inside the sewers are not behaving normally and that somebody’s giving aid to them. In Goblin Slayer episode 7, Goblin Slayer will have one more addition in his ever-growing goblin slaying team.

Goblin Slayer Episode 7 – Goblin Slayer’s New Pet

The chapter will start with the Priestess taking a bath in the luxurious bath of Temple of Law. She’ll wonder how her life will be if she was not rescued by Goblin Slayer and her first quest was a success. She will also wonder how will Goblin Slayer’s life be if they haven’t met. She’ll be shocked to see that the Sword-Maiden joined her in her bath. For some reason, Sword Maiden will tell her that Goblin Slayer will also fade in the future.

Meanwhile, High Elf Archer dons her new attire, heading toward the Water Town Guild to meet with GS. Being a High Elf, she is being ogled by the adventurers. On the other hand, Goblin Slayer is stared down with disgust because his armor reeks of the sewers. To everyone’s surprise, High Elf went to Goblin Slayer and leaned closer to him. This act surprised everyone in the guild. She and GS will be shopping for clothes and weapons for their next try in the sewers.

goblin slayer episode 7

High Elf Archer will ask Goblin Slayer if there’s something he would also want to buy other than sword and daggers. The answer will surprise her and the other party members because Goblin Slayer bought a cute and fluffy canary. He will then explain to them that canaries can detect poison. They have to take this other precaution because the goblins in the sewers are more advanced even to GS’s standards.

goblin slayer episode 7

As they dig deeper in Goblin Slayer episode 7, they will find out that there is a more powerful enemy waiting for them under the sewers. Are they ready to meet the Goblin Champion? We will know more in the next episode.

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