Goblin Slayer Episode 6: The Water Town

Goblin Slayer Episode 5 was mostly filler, and I do think we’ll ever get a more straightforward episode in the entire series. If someone who is a stranger to the series just watched it from Episode 5, they’d think this series is the exact opposite of what it actually is. Well, I had fun watching it either way, and I hope that you did too. In the previous episode, we saw the Goblin Slayer doing what he does when there are no Goblins to slay.

goblin slayer episode 6

Goblin Slayer Episode 6 Spoilers

The episode did show us a different side of the Goblin Slayer, but towards the end of the episode, we saw a big threat emerging, and the Goblin Slayer had to ask the adventurers for help in dealing with this problem. It’s good that he realizes that he cannot do everything on his own because I don’t think that he’d live half as long as he has, had he been like that. But now, let’s come over to the next episode of Goblin Slayer. What do I expect from Goblin Slayer Episode 6?

Well, I think it’s going to be a more action-packed than the previous one that’s for sure. In Goblin Slayer Episode 6, we will see the Goblin Slayer and his fellow adventurers going over to the Temple of the Supreme God, which is located in the Water Town. There, they will meet Golden ranked “Sword Maiden.”

It was the Sword-Maiden who requested the help of Goblin Slayer because the Town has been having problems dealing with them, so Goblin Slayer’s help is needed. Before they set off on the mission, she’s going to provide them with all the information that they need for this quest.

She’ll also inform them on how they managed to enter the Town from the underworld, and that’s going to pique the interest of the adventurers who have traveled to the Water Town. Their job now is to free the Water Town from Goblins.

Goblin Slayer Episode 6 will air on Saturday, November 10, 2018. You can watch the anime on various streaming services. You cannot download the anime legally anywhere. Please support the official release by streaming over official services.

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