Goblin Slayer Episode 5 Release Date And Details

Things are getting interesting with Goblin Slayer’s life right now. In the last episode, Goblin Slayer met more adventurers to team up and do more quests with. Goblin Slayer also slew an Ogre, which is very different from what he usually does. In Goblin Slayer episode 5, we will see more of his personal life as he takes the day-off from goblin slaying.

Goblin Slayer Episode 5 – The Farm Life

Goblin Slayer will wake up from a dream which involves his lost sister. We will see him without his armor for the first time, and it will show how his body s full of scars and s rugged with bruises. As usual, Goblin Slayer’s face is not seen even though his equipment were all in the repair shop. Just like the usual, Cow Girl will be in the window to offer him breakfast. It’s gonna be a peaceful day in Goblin Slayer episode 5.

goblin slayer episode 5

Just like the other day, Goblin Slayer will help Cow Girl in her shipments. It will be revealed that Goblin Slayer managed to come home and collapsed just before reaching the stairs. He has been resting for three days because of collective fatigue from his non-stop goblin slaying.

In town, Goblin Slayer went to the repair shop to get his belongings, to the clerk’s surprise. He cannot believe that the one inquiring about the cheap stuff is actually Goblin Slayer. While he’s on it, he will encounter Spearman who happened to be getting his equipment as well. Spearman doesn’t recognize Goblin Slayer at all. But it seems like they got along better than when Goblin Slayer got his helmet on.

After wearing his equipment and greeting Priestess, Goblin Slayer unloaded the things in Cow Girl’s load. That’s when Lizardman, High Elf, and Dwarf greeted him. Dwarf ordered cheese and stated that a gold coin would not be too dear a price.

goblin slayer episode 5

High-Elf will invite him for a quest because they need a front-line character like him. Goblin Slayer said that he will think about it. Later on, Guild Girl will tell Goblin Slayer about the training center which retired explorers can teach the new ones for money.

Later that day, Goblin Slayer will be seen working on the farm with Cow Girl. When the evening arrives, he and Cow Girl will have (kinda) romantic moments under the stars. GS will even lay on Cow Girl’s lap. But while they’re at it, peacefully admiring the sky, a new Goblin Force is coming their way. And that’s it for Goblin Slayer episode 5. Feel free to read more anime updates.

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