Goblin Slayer Episode 4 – The Strong

A new adventure started in the previous episode of Goblin Slayer. The Lizardman, High Elf, Dwarf, and Priestess all came with Goblin Slayer on his latest Goblin Slaying quest. What awaits them in the dangerous-looking old Goblin nest? Will they survive or will they fall as prey for the goblins? We will know in Goblin Slayer episode 4.

Goblin Slayer Episode 4 – Goblin Slayer’s Biggest Opponent Yet

The group decided to go inside, but before that, Goblin Slayer made them put some blood into their clothes. High Elf will hate Goblin Slayer for this, but the Priestess will blatantly tell her to “get used to it”. As they enter the nest, they will discover that the nest is pretty old and was a facility used by soldiers a long time ago. High Elf will notice a trap and will warn the others. Dwarf will tell them that the right way for the hideout is on the left because of the wear and tear in the floor. Goblin Slayer will tell them to go the other way instead, and what they found is a female elf tied in the room.

Miraculously, the tied elf is still alive and is shouting “kill”. The others thought that Goblin Slayer will actually kill her, it turns out that he is aiming for a goblin that is hiding. After that, Lizardman created a Dragon Tooth Warrior and made it go to the nearest elf town with a letter at bay.

goblin slayer episode 4

High Elf is shaken a lot by the site of her people tied naked in a goblin nest. Because of this, Priestess is trying to comfort her. On the other hand, Goblin Slayer is as stoic as ever and tells High Elf that she can stay or not stay. If she chose to leave, the group will make do. High Elf will be angry and will tell him to don’t insult her. She will not let what the goblins did to that elf slide.

goblin slayer episode 4

After more walking, they will finally find the nest where 50 goblins are sleeping. Goblin Slayer commanded Dwarf to cast Stupor and make the goblins sleep. After that, he commanded Priestess to cast Silence so that no one will hear them. After that, they will all stab the sleeping goblins as easy as walking in the park. But what will come next will be more problematic. An ogre will immerge and will try to kill all of them.

That’s it for Goblin Slayer episode 4. Stay tuned for more spoilers and future episodes.

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