Goblin Slayer Episode 2 – Who Is Goblin Slayer?

There was a lot of blood and dead goblins in the last episode of Goblin Slayer. We are introduced with Goblin Slayer and the Priestess in the first episode. Who is Goblin Slayer and why did he make killing goblins his one and only mission in life?  In Goblin Slayer episode 2, we will know more about Goblin Slayer’s life and why he became the way he is.

Goblin Slayer Episode 2 – Who Is Goblin Slayer?

Goblin Slayer episode 2 will start in the farm where a new female character will be introduced. This girl is called the Cow Girl, Goblin Slayer’s childhood friend. It will be revealed that Goblin Slayer is staying at Cow Girl’s and her Uncle’s farm. Goblin Slayer will help Cow Girl in delivering the farm’s goods in the city. Meanwhile, a man will come looking for adventurers in the guild. The man will tell Guild Girl that their town was attacked by a Goblin group. The only problem is that the man has only a few coins to spare for the reward. What’s even more problematic is that Goblin missions like these are not popular with the adventurers. That’s when Goblin Slayer appears and asked the Guild Girl if there are any Goblin missions available.

Guild Girl will wonder why there are so many Goblin tasks recently. Goblin Slayer will answer that Goblins think it would be fun for them to kill families. It will be shown how during his childhood, Goblin Slayer’s town was attacked by goblins and how he saw how those creatures killed and raped his sister while he was silent and hidden.

In the end, Goblin Slayer accepted two goblin tasks and Priestess would come with him. They will raid one cave where a group of female adventurers tried to rescue the captive girls but never came back. Goblin Slayer is in the move once again, but he will need Priestess to do something for him.

Goblin Slayer Episode 2

With his new Miracle “Protection,” she made a barrier in the cave’s entrance and exit while Goblin Slayer burns the cave down. He will then kill all the goblins that managed to escape or clawed their way out. And that’s it for Goblin Slayer episode 2. Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates.

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