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Preview & Recap: Given Episode 5

Given is Japanese Manga series written by Natsuki Kizu. The series has been adapted multiple times, an audio drama was released in 2016, thereafter in 2019, an amine film was released and now in 2021, a live-action drama is airing on television. The drama consists of six episodes and out of which four are already released. The first episode of the series was released on 17 July 2021 and recently on 9 August the fourth episode was released. Ever since the release of the drama fans is waiting for every single episode. The series follows the story of four members of a rock band called Given. The band is composed of Ritsuka Uenoyama, who is an electric guitarist, Mafuyu Sato a Vocalist, Haruki Nakayama, the bassist, and Akihiko Kaji the drummer. The story is about the dual romantic relationship between them, between Ritsuka and Mafuyu, and between Haruki and Akihiko.

Filled with a lot of emotion, drama, romance, love, sacrifice and much more, the latest episode of the series is all ready to hit your screen. Today in the article we will talk about this romantic drama ‘Given’. Firstly we will talk about the plot and summary of the series. Secondly, I will introduce you to the cast of the drama and thereafter we will talk about the release date of episode 5.

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Given: Plot and Summary

As I already mentioned Given is roughly divided into two stories. The first arc, which focuses on the relationship between Ritsuka and Mafuyu, and the second arc is all about the relationship between Akihiko and Haruki. So, firstly we will talk about Ritsuka and Mafutu and thereafter after the other two.

Ritsuka is a member of the band composed of himself, Akihiko, and Haruki, impressed by Mafuyu’s exceptional singing talent we invite him to join the group. The band begins composing music for their live performances and while writing the lyrics of a song the two started falling for each other. Akihiko too has secret romantic feelings for Haruki but was afraid to tell him.

Given Episode 5

Given, still from behind the screen

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All about the Cast of Given

The cast of Given is cool and Handsome. Suzuki Jin played the character of the lead of the band Venoyama Ritsuka, a high school student and guitarist. Mafuyu’s character was played by Sanari. Moreover, Inowaki Kai portrayed the character of Kaji Akihiko. The drama also starred Yanagi Shuntaro as Nakayama Haruki.


The star cast of the series, Inowaki Kai as Kafi Akhihiko, Suzuki Jin as Uenoyuma Ritsuka, Sanari as Satou Mayuyu and Yanagi Shuntaro as Nakayama Haruki( left to right)

 Previously in Episode 4

Previously on the show, nothing major happened Ritsuka scolded Mafuyu as he was struggling to write the lyrics. Haruki steps in between to resolve their fight. Akihiro confessed to Ritsuka that he dated men in the past but now he has an interest in women. Moreover, we have witnessed some romantic and cute moments between the Rits and Mafu.

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What to expect from Episode 5?

Warming: the following paragraph contains spoilers of the fifth episode. In the fifth episode, Ritsuka and his band member prepare for their live performances. Furthermore, in the episode, Haruki revealed his feelings for Akihiro. Will he accept or reject Haruki’s proposal…. ahhh….for that wait to watch the episode.

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Given Episode 5 Release Date

The Japanese drama Given released its first episode on 17 July 2021. Given Episode 5 will be releasing on 14 August 2021. Moreover, the last and the sixth episode is scheduled to be premiered on 21 August 2021. The episode is aired every Saturday on FujiTv and each episode is of 24 minutes. The drama is very popular, especially among teenagers.  It ranked 1560 among the best dramas. If you are interested to watch something different, romantic and emotional do watch this show, it’s amazing.

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