Girls! Girls! Girls! Star Laurel Goodwin Passes Away At 79

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Laurel Goodwin Death
Laurel Goodwin

It is a sad day indeed as actress Laurel Goodwin has passed away. She was known for her role in “Girls! Girls! Girls!” Laurel’s sister Maureen Scott comprised the devastating news in an obituary. The cause of death is not known. She was 79 years old. 

The actress bagged her big-screen debut in the 1962 musical comedy “Girls! Girls! Girls!” where she starred opposite the iconic star Elvis Presley. Laurel Goodwin was also the last surviving member of the original pilot for Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek. The pilot was titled The Cage, in which she portrayed Yeoman J.M. Colt.

The Actress Has Also Served As A Producer Alongside Her Husband

However, the pilot was ultimately scrapped after negotiations with Hunter failed. The actress also served as a producer in the Burt Reynolds-Loni Anderson action-comedy Stroker Ace that was released in 1983. She provided it alongside her husband, Walter Wood. They had a relationship for a 43-year relationship until he passed away in 2010. Take a look at the heartfelt note penned down by Jay Stobie for Laurel Goodwin. 

While looking back in life, Laurel explained how one is really everything that he has ever done in their life, which means that even if one messes it up terribly in the end, or mess it up in the beginning, in the end, he has done some good stuff in between, and thus, it’s a good life after all. The actress admitted that she had adventure, and wonderful life, in so many ways, for which people would give their right arm.

Laurel Goodwin Death
Laurel Goodwin With Elvis Presley

The actress later took a permanent hiatus from the industry in 1971, as she went on to pursue a career in-home nursing. Laurel also took care of her husband when he became ill until his death. Laurel Goodwin’s acting projects include several television shows ranging from Get Smart, to The Beverly Hillbillies and Mannix. She went on to appear in several times of the ’60s that included the Jackie Gleason comedy “Papa’s Delicate Condition and the Westerns Stage to Thunder Rock, The Glory Guys, and Law of the Lawless.

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