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Preview and Recap: Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 6

Girlfriend, Girlfriend
Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Saki talks with Nagisa and Naoya since she suspected that their love triangle is one-sided. Naoya gets worried that Saki wants to leave and let him be with Nagisa without interfering in their life. Saki opens about what bothers her and how cute Nagisa is, which makes her feel challenged in this relationship. She believes that Nagisa is perfect to be Naouya’s lover and has to be out of the picture. Let’s find how the trio continues to live together with many challenges on Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 6. Naoya works his way to Saki’s heart. Saki decided to leave, but Naoya pulled her back.

Saki explains how she doesn’t fit in this love triangle, but Naoya refuses to accept what she is saying. Naoya reveals how he feels about Saki, who gets annoyed and smashes his face with a punch. Saki realizes that she landed a knockout blow and tries to help Naoya recover. The two talked about how they misunderstood each other and how they can work things out. Naoya told the two he is the one to blame since he started this love triangle.

Saki reminds Naoya to shower her will love since she will do the same. They both agree on one thing, and Saki decided to come home. The girls accept that they have to share Naoya equally, and he must treat them equally. They remind Naoya not to carry the burden alone since they are both in this love together. Naoya replies that their happiness is his priority, and that makes him happy. They both decided to head home, and Naoya is relieved that his girls are on the same page.

Previously Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 6

The next day Naoya wakes up and finds that the two played the game for the whole night. The two comment that they are rival girlfriends. Later at school, Milika finds that Naoya is dating two girls and offers a challenge that she is the third girlfriend. The third girl Milika decided to spy on Naoya, Nagisa, and Saki. She begins to take videos as evidence that they are in a relationship. She wonders if she will become the ”Weirdo’s” girlfriend. Milika creates a Me Tube where she posts videos and gets views.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Saki is surprised to hear that she wants to join them. The girls reveal that she is Milika-sama, the heartbreaking cute streamer who will be Naoya’s third girl. Saki asks her what she is trying to say, and Nagisa wonders if Milika wants a man to protect her from creepy stalkers and stuff. They realize that her identity is out, and men will run after her since she is a popular Me Tuber. Milika comments that she feels that it is her time to have a boyfriend. Saki thinks that Milika is lying, and Naoya said she is telling the truth if Milika is saying she is not.

Milika asks Naoya if he is happy since he can see her long slender legs, her long lashes, clear eyes, and her glamorous body. Naoya will never come across a girl like Milika since she is pretty. Saki and Nagisa got surprised when Nsoys fall for Milika and admit that Milika is too hot. Naoya comments that it is his dream to get Milika, but he can’t since he has two. Later the two enjoy a hot bath with Naoya, and Milika challenges that will make Naoya love her.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 6 Release Date

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 6 release date is Saturday, 7 August 2021, at 2:25 AM. The anime Girlfriend, Girlfriend, will air every Saturday will the release of a new episode. This anime has only a few episodes left to conclude the episode finale. You can change the Japanese time to your local time to get the latest show on Friday since time differs between countries. The anime will continue to run as usual take a look at the updates below.

Where To Watch Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 6?

You can watch Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 6 online on Crunchyroll and VRV. Girlfriend, Girlfriend is officially available on various platforms. The anime has an official website where the latest episode and news gets updated daily. Those interested in watching new and previous episodes can get them online with English subtitles; you can look at Preview & Recap: Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 5.

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