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Spoilers & Recap: Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 5

Girlfriend Girlfriend

Three students in their two-timing relationship started living together and grow closer. Things were going well, but Saki begins acting weird, suspecting Nagisa, and she couldn’t open up to Naoya. Naoya tried to find a way to get closer to Saki, but she keeps on rejecting her. Let’s discover how the love triangle of the students continues on the lates episode of Girlfriend, Girlfriend. Saki confronts the two after seeing Naoya holding Nagisa’s chest. Naoya wonders why Saki wants to leave, and Saki explains how perfect Nagisa is, and she can feel the role of being Noaya’s girlfriend when Saki is not around.

Naoya tries to Saki’s heart, who runs away but he grabbed her hand. Saki thinks she is not good enough for Naoya. Naoya tried to reason with her, but she punched him. She shakes unconscious Naoya while saying that he must ask her to do something. Naoya never gets it when Saki tells him to asks her something. He waked up and said to her that he has many things that he wants her to do, but he is responsible for starting this relationship. Naoya reveals that he needs to do his best for the two.

Nagisa and Saki scold Naoyo for not treating them equally. Saki holds Naoya and told him that she wants him to love her more. The two shout that they are Naoya’s girlfriends. Nagisa said to him that he must not hold the burden alone in their relationship. Naoya replies that he wanted to put their happiness first, and then he will be a happy man. He gets up and begins to charm the two with his sweet talk. Naoya is glad that the two are getting along.

Previously on Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 4

Saki looks at Ngaisa’s chest and comments that Naoya will enjoy squeezing them. Later in the evening, the trio enjoys eating dinner together. They are welcoming Saki, who wanted to break from a love triangle. But Naoya is sleeping since he spent three nights trying to think how he will take Saki’s heart. Saki realizes that she still wants to be Nagisa’s rival despite sharing the same boyfriend. Nagisa told her that she likes her even though they are rivals.

Nagisa told Saki that they could become friends, and Saki agrees. The two enjoy the meal, and Saki begins with best friends’ lessons. Nagisa prepares the coffee, and they decided to play games together to strengthen their relationship. Saki got surprised when she sees Nagisa died on her first trial. She told her to scout from the top of the mountain.


Gamers: Third Girlfriend

The two realize that they are not good in games since they keep on getting zombified and died instantly. Saki develops a plan and thinks if they use a car, they will kill all the zombies buy that car hits the building, and they die. The two wonder how to play this zombie game. Saki wonders someone who played 1000 hours with Naoya can be this bad. Nagisa claimed that Naoya taught her how to play, but that day she just watched him play.

They decided not to give up, and Saki said they would sleep after killing all the zombies and conquering the game. Nagisa failed, and Saki made two kills after realizing she could use the building and items around her to cover. Nagisa leads Saki, who learns how to play after Nagisa keeps on getting trapped. Saki realizes that she is learning from Nagisa’s mistakes. They both begin to have fun even though they are failing.

Saki teaches Nagisa how to shoot, but she closes her eye while shooting and accidentally kills Saki. Saki gets angry that Nagisa kills her in-game while they are partners and wonders if she is getting revenge. Nagisa apologized and said her hand s slipped. Saki is glad that she is happing a good night. In the morning, Naoya wakes up and wonder if the two have become gamers. Saki replies that Nagisa is her rival, but she is cute. Rika finds the truth about Naoya and tole the trio that she will become Naoya’s third girlfriend.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 5 Release Date

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 5 release date is 31 July 2021.

Where To Watch Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 5?

You can watch Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 5 online on Crunchyroll; you can look at Preview & Recap: Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 4.

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