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Preview & Recap: Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 4

Girlfriend, Girlfriend
Girlfriend, Girlfriend

The boy recently convinces two girls to stay with him as his girlfriends continue to live in the same house. A lot has happened, which brings doubt to the first girlfriend, Saki. Let’s find how Naoya hands two girlfriends while the third one is loading on Girlfriend, Girlfriend. Saki is suspicious of Nagisa, thinking that she will end up doing it with Naoya and make her look like a fool. Nagisa is glad that they are staying together, and she wants to gain Saki’s trust. At school, the trio hides their love triangle and lives like any student.

Nagisa made three lunchboxes for them, and Saki embraces her as they enjoy eating food at school. Saki comments that they can’t keep on acting like strangers to keep a secret. The trio is eating together at the rooftop while other students are wandering around. They talked about their relationship and how they will behave around other students. The episode is titled ”A Place For Three.” The trio runs away after hearing someone calling them. They decided to find a perfect place where they will enjoy food without getting disturbed. On the way, Nagisa comments that she knows of the best spot for three of them.

Saki and Naoya feel saddened after hearing that Nagisa has a loner spot since she spent most time alone. Later they arrive, and Saki is surprised that Nagisa is talking about the old restroom. Saki comments that she can’t eat in a place like this, and Nagisa explains that this is the best place for them since no one comes here. Naoya suggests that they should find somewhere better. They both head to the primary school bathroom, and the girls saw Saki pulling Naoyo mand owners what the two are doing.

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Previously on Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 3

The girls at school started to spread the news about the toilet incidents wondering what two lovers were doing there. They didn’t see Nagisa since she was hiding, and they know that Saki and Naoya are dating. Saki shouts at the girls that it is not what they are thinking. The trio sits together while holding their lunch box and still searching for the best place. Saki comments that they should take her somewhere where it is not a restroom.

Naoya talked about gym storage, and Saki replies that it will work. Nagisa told the two that there are many people there, and Saki said they don’t enter the room during lunchtime. Saki notices that Nagisa is comparing and tells her to stop; Nagisa replies that she doesn’t want anyone to find their love triangle to satisfy her selfish reasons. Naoya comments that it is not selfish and head with the girls somewhere to find their hideout.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Girlfriend, Girlfriend


Later the trio arrives at the gym storage, and Saki can’t believe they enjoy their lunch here. Nagisa told the two that the door is locked, and they realize that they have wasted their efforts. Naoya trie to act like superman and unleashes a superman punch trying to break the locker. He thought that he would impress the girls, but he ends up hurting his right hand. Saki notices that the door is not getting opened and suggests that they should use a window. Naoya carries Nagisa to open the window.

Saki slaps Naoya for trying to look under Nagisa’s skirt. The trio managed to get inside, and they clear space for them to enjoy their food. Naoya came up with his superman strategies and lifted the weights to block the entrance so that no one will disturb them. Nagisa notices that Naoya can do anything for them, and he will keep them happy.

Naoya told the two that the relationship started with his selfishness, but they will encounter problems and deal with them. He also said to them that he is glad to be with them in his life. The trio enjoys talking about love and their relationship. They eat their food and head back to the classroom. Later Naoya told Nagisa that he wouldn’t give up on them and keep dating them. Nagisa took Naoya’s hand and make him touch her chest, telling Saki that she can talk now.

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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 4 Release Date

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 4 release date is 24 July 2021. You can watch Girlfriend, Girlfriend on Crunchyroll; you can look at Preview & Recap: The Case Study Of Vanitas Episode 4.

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