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Spoilers & Preview: Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 3

Girlfriend, Girlfriend
Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Naoya recently accepted two girls into his life and brought all of them to his house. The two girls decided to cooperate and date Naoya at the same time. But they both wanted to do something with him, which he doesn’t understand. Girlfriend, Girlfriend follows the story of a young boy who can’t reject girls due to their beauty. Saki realizes that she got a boyfriend by the name of Naoya. Naoya cherished Saki and loved her wholeheartedly. But now, things have changed ever since they accepted the third one in their relationship.

Saki can’t believe that Nagisa proposes to Naoya and wonders what will happen when they stay under the same roof. In the morning, the girls began to help each other with chores, and Saki wonders how Naoya will handle the two of them. Saki looks at her rival and finds that Nagisa is out of her league and wonders if she will take her place in Naoya’s life. Saki shouts at Naoya, telling her about her cuteness and big chest. She realizes that Nagisa is irresistible.

Saki complains about why a girl like Nagisa has to appear in Naoya’s life. Nagisa wonders what Saki is saying. Saki tries to badmouth Naoya thinking that Nagisa would give up and leave the two of them. Nagisa replies that she doesn’t mind even if Nagisa is looking for a threesome. Saki wonders why Nagisa is like this and decided to be her girlfriend. Saki wonders if she is losing or Naoya will lose interest in her and focus on Nagisa. The two head to the bedroom and find that Naoya has repaired three futons. The episode title is ”How Nagisa Feels.”

Previously on Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 2

Saki wonders why they have three futons lined up, and Naoya replies that he thought they might be able to get closer if they talked in bed. Saki suspects that Naoya wants to pull a funny business, especially on Nagisa. Naoya replies that it is not what they are thinking. Saki insists that Naoya is up to no good, and Naoya responds that he will get his carrot cut by the doctor. Saki comments that it is too extreme. Naoya talks with Nagisa about something. Saki wonders if Nagisa will be the one to start something.

The trio went to sleep, and Saki keeps on checking if they are making contact. Naoya wakes up and thanks Saki for everything. Nagisa also wakes up and listens to Naoya talking. Saki acts like she is sleeping and wanted to see if the two will do something. Nagisa comments that Saki is sleeping and might be tired since they had many chores in the afternoon. Saki heard Nagisa telling Naoya to come closer.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Girlfriend, Girlfriend


Saki can’t believe that Nagisa wants to get her cookie even though she is the second girlfriend. Naoya gets closer and asks Nagisa if she is feeling okay. Nagisa replies that it is like a dream to sleep closer to the person she always liked. Saki can’t believe that they two are embracing each other and wonders if they will get pervy. Nagisa told Naoya that she wants to know him better. Saki wonders if they’re going to do it now, and Naoya holds Nagisa’s hand, telling her to tell him more about herself.

Saki heard Nagisa talking with a soft voice and wonders if Naoya is squeezing her chest. Naoya said he would do this forever, and Saki wonders if they have started and Nagisa might be enjoying. Nagisa replies that Naoya is making her happy and she will lose her mind. Saki worries that Naoya has never done anything with her and wonders what is happening since she can’t look. Saki decided to look and find that nothing is happing. Naoya is just holding Nagisa’s hand.

Naoya wonders what he is putting in since Saki said he is putting it in, and Saki pulls off the blanket. Saki finds that the two are not naked and realizes that she misunderstood the situation. She comments that it is not in, and Naoya asks Saki what is wrong with her. Saki avoided the questions and decided to sleep in the middle. Naoya said Saki must be feeling lonely, and he has to hold on to her. Nagisa realizes that Saki had wrong ideas. The next day Nagisa made breakfast for everyone and told them not to fight.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 3 Release Date

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 3 release date is 17 July 2021. You can watch Girlfriend, Girlfriend on Crunchyroll.

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