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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

The love triangle begins with Girlfriend-Girlfriend Episode 10 with Naoya trying to handle two girls, but the third one appears. This episode will be released this coming week. Girlfriend, Girlfriend reveals the love story of Naoya, who trie his best to be a two-timer. From the recent episode of Girlfriend: Girlfriend, Milika grabs Naoya away after telling her that she has a crush on him. The two head outside, and Saki with Nagisa followed them. Saki is glad that her plan of preventing Naoya from being a three-timer is working.

Milika asks Naoya how he finds out that she has a crush on him. Naoya replies that all the time she looks at him, her face turns red. Milika asks him if he is sure, and Naoya blows the cover. Naoya reveals that Saki told him that it happened to girls sometimes. Milika realizes Saki and Nagisa did that to make Naoya stay away from her. Milika asks Saki to explains. Saki can’t believe that Naoya is not a secret keeper. Naoya adds that Milika is in heat, and she wants to share a bed with whomever she can. Miliki scolds Naoya and asks what B-S he is saying.

Milika adds that Naoya is stupid to say that since it is not all about lust. Saki realizes that Milika might win Naoya and said that Milika is embarrassed that she is in heat and lies to cover her story. Naoya comments that he feels the same, and she must tell him why her face is red. Milika wonders if she has to tell him the truth now. Milika was waiting for the right moment to confess, but not in a place like this. Naoya adds that Milika doesn’t like him.

Previously on Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 9

Naoya said there is no way she can fall for him. Milika said Naoyo is not bad, and he thanks her. Naoya asks if she would fall for him, and Milika begins to shy away. Naoya adds that Milika must be pretty messed up to fall for a guy who has two girlfriends. He insists that she is in heat. Milika replies that she has a cold, and Saki whispers at Naoya that it is hard to admit being in heat. Naoya is convinced that Saki is telling the truth.

Girlfriend Girlfriend

Girlfriend Girlfriend

Naoya told her that he would help her find a boyfriend and she will pay rent. Then she will find relief with him. Milika punched Naoya. Milika asks him what he will do if she likes him. Naoya replies that he will be flustered. But he dated Nagisa and Saki after asking them. Naoya reveals that he wants to make the two happy, and doing something with another girl is out of the question for him. Milika realizes that this is challenging and push the two telling them to go back to the class.

The two head back and Milika is left alone. Milika realizes that she can’t find a way to get in, and Naoya tells her to find a boyfriend. She wonders if Naoya has no interest in her as a potential girlfriend. Milika decided not to give up and said there is no reason to make Naoya fall for her. Inside the classroom, Saki and Noya believe that Milika’s case is over. They think that she will move on and never bother them. Later Milika confesses and kisses Naoya and told him that was her first kiss and he can leave her since he is not into her.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 10 Release Date

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 10 will be released on 4 September 2021, at 2:25 AM. The Japan standard time is behind other country’s time; so you can get the episode on Friday. Let’s find more about Girlfriend, Girlfriend official details below.

Where To Watch Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 10

You can watch Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 10 online on Crunchyroll. Girlfriend: Girlfriend will conclude soon with only two episodes remaining; you can stream the last two episodes online. Official streaming has English subtitles; let’s meet next time.

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