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Is The Girl In ‘A Quiet Place’ Deaf In Real Life? All About Millicent Simmonds Life

Is The Girl In A Quiet Place Deaf In Real Life

Is the Girl in “A Quiet Place” deaf in real life? It has been a question that has wandered the viewers’ minds of the movie for a long time. Everyone was surprised to see the actress named Millicent Simmonds play the role of the deaf Girl so amazingly. A Quiet Place was an expected and massive hit of the year 2018. In addition to that, many people around the world even called it one of the best horror movies in a long time. The movie also received a lot of positive reviews.

It was not the first time a person with a real disability was cast to portray a character with the same disability in reel life as well. However, there have been very few instances in the film industry when actual disabled persons are given such roles. This can be mostly due to the fact that the creators think that it might be hard for such people to perform the roles. However, Millicent proved everyone wrong with her tremendous acting in this horror flick. The widely popular Hollywood star John Krasinski directed the movie and wrote it as well, along with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck.

In addition to that, he also played the role of a character named Lee Abbott. Meanwhile, Millicent Simmonds played the role of Lee’s daughter in the film named Regan Abbott. Furthermore, Emily Blunt played the role of Krasinski’s character Lee’s wife named Evelyn Abbott. We also had Noah Jupe and Cade Woodward, who portrayed the roles of Evelyn’s sons Marcus and Beau Abbott, respectively. Although we are here to answer the bigger question, that is, Is The Girl In A Quiet Place Deaf In Real Life? So let us go ahead and find out all about her.

Is The Girl In A Quiet Place Deaf In Real Life

Is The Girl In A Quiet Place Deaf In Real Life?

A Quiet Place was an unexpected surprise for all the horror fans around the world. Although, there was another surprise element about the film that shocked everyone. It was the young actress named Millicent Simmonds who portrayed the role of Regan Abbott. Now the answer to the question “Is the girl in A Quiet Place deaf in real life” is Yes. Millicent is deaf in real life, and she played the character who was deaf in the movie as well.

However, it surprised the viewers to realize that she was actually deaf in real life too. The film industry is still a long way from giving equal chances or opportunities to differently-abled persons for their type of roles. Although we have seen a few instances where such actors have portrayed the role of a character with a similar disability, it is still not enough. Even Millicent once agreed to the fact in an interview that people like her should be offered more roles in the industry.

Is The Girl In A Quiet Place Deaf In Real Life

It would be the best way to do justice to such roles if such people get the chance to play them. Although, Millicent is not completely silent when it comes to her hearing. She has been using a hearing implant that helps her listen very little. Mostly, she communicates with her family and friends using sign language though. But interestingly, everything about her was kept in the movie’s script. Her character Regan also used an implant that eventually helped her protect herself from the monsters in the movie. Millicent was even cast in the sequel of the movie and this time came out as a lead character after her tremendous portrayal in the first film.

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More About Millicent Simmonds: The Deaf Girl From A Quiet Place Film Series

A Quiet Place film franchise gave quite a popularity to Millicent Simmonds, who was born on 6th March 2003. The young American actress hails from the city of Bountiful in the state of Utah in the United States. She is the middle child in her family as she has two siblings younger than her and two older. Simmonds was not born deaf, though, and lost her hearing before she turned one year old. She stated that when she was small, an overdose of medicine resulted in her losing her hearing capability. However, her mother did not let this disability be something that would hold her daughter back in life. She learned the American sign language, and even the other family members learned from her.

Is The Girl In A Quiet Place Deaf In Real Life

This was the reason Simmonds never felt left out among her family and friends. Later on, she went on to study at Jean Massieu School of the Deaf at the age of three years. She even learned drama as she grew up, and that came in handy as she stepped into the film industry. Simmonds finally made her big debut with the film Wonderstruck in 2017 and got a lot of recognition. Even the major critics stated that she was a young rising sensation. Her recognition eventually got her the role of Regan Abbott in A Quiet Place. Furthermore, her fabulous role play got her promoted as a lead actor in the sequel A Quiet Place 2 that released in 2021. Moreover, she will definitely return in the third part of the movie to portray her character once again.

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