When Can We Expect Ghosts Season 4?

Ghosts Season 4
Official Poster of Ghosts

Ghosts is another horror series with a twist. Wondering what can be the twist? Well, the twist is Ghosts is not only a horror-based series; it is a horror-comedy series. It proved to be one of the best horror-comedy series. That’s why it has three seasons till now. The first part of Ghosts was released in 2019, The second part was released in 2020, and the third part was released in 2021. Ghosts have gained a lot of popularity in a very short period, which became a reason to release three back-to-back seasons every year. And now viewers are expecting that 4th Season to release as soon as it can be. Don’t worry, as the release date of Ghosts Season 4 will be revealed soon.

In 2019 when the first season came, people loved the first season of Ghosts a lot. After the great success of season 1, Matthew Mulot, the producer of the Ghosts, decided to come again with another bang season of ghosts. And in 2020, he finally came up with the most awaited season 2. After that, he didn’t stop and surprised the audience one more time by releasing 3rd season in 2021. Now the thing is should an audience expect that there will be season 4 of Ghosts as well? Well, keep your expectations high as it is now official that season 4 will be released soon.

The official release date of Ghosts season 4 is yet to be announced. Not to worry, keep your excitement level as high as you can. Those who haven’t watched Ghosts all season, what are you waiting for? Go watch it now! You must be wondering why I am hyping Ghosts so much. Right? Well, you will get to know it better when you will see the most-watched series of times. But, before you binge into the Ghosts, let’s have a quick recap of the whole series. Come on!

What is Ghosts all about?

Ghosts is about a young married couple named Alison and Mike. They together decided to have a house to live their happily married life. After a few days, they got a deal, and they bought a house from a 99-year-old lady who turned out to be a relative of Alsion. It was haunted by so many ghosts from across the ages who died on its grounds. But they are invisible and intangible to everything and everyone. Also, the owner advised them not to buy this house, but the couple ignored her advice and agreed to buy the house. They wanted to make a luxury hotel there. On the other side, the ghosts did not seem so happy about the hotel idea and decided to get rid of the couple. They tried a lot to scare the couple, but they failed every time.

season 1 of Ghosts
Still from Ghosts season 1

One day, one of the ghosts pushes Alison from an upstairs window and finds Alison dead for three minutes exactly. After two weeks, she wakes up and finds her husband arranged a big mortgage, and she can now see the ghosts for real as she is dead now. But she was not ready to become a ghost like others. After thinking so much, she decided to be with them as she had no choice.

That’s it. I hope you can now understand why I was hyping it so much.

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Ghosts Season 4 Release Date

After hearing that Ghosts season 4 is officially coming, people have gone crazy. And everyone got even more excited than before. Now they wanna know when it is finally coming. Now the wait is over. Yes, you heard it right. Timing for the Ghosts Season 4 release is finally revealed. Well, it will be up in late August or early September. The actual date is not confirmed yet.

Ghosts Pilot Episode
Still from Ghosts Pilot Episode

Now, Only the date is not confirmed yet but the month is confirmed which you already know by now. Until then, you have whole lot three seasons to re-watch. Go watch it again, So that you can enjoy season 4 more. And trust me, season 4 will be a blast, and you’ll love it.

Ghosts Season 4 Expected Cast

Coming to the cast, here we can expect the whole cast from previous seasons with the same respective roles. High expectations are with Mathew Baynton, Martha Howe-Douglas, Simon Farnaby, Jim Howick, Ben Willbond, and Laurence- all of them previously worked on Yonderland, Bill, etc., all together. How can we forget about the main character of the series? The show is incomplete without the new owners of the house. The most famous on-screen couple Alison ( Charlotte Ritchie) and Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe). They are for sure coming again as a couple. Also, there are chances that their irritating so-called neighbors Barclay (Geoff McGivern) and Bunny Beg-Chetwynde (Sophie Thompson) will appear again as neighbors in season 4. This could be the cast in season 4.

But nothing is confirmed about the cast. Anything can be changed, and also new actors can be seen in this season. So all you can do is wait for season 4. When the trailer will be out, you will be more sure about the cast and which new cast members we can expect in Season 4.

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Well, to know about what will be the season 4 about, we must know about season 3. Coming to season 3, it was based around Alison, who rediscovered her lost sister named Lucy. She was lost for so many years, and this plot encapsulated the whole season. And in next season, we can expect things like hosting different events at Button House by Alison and Mike, learning more about the lives of ghosts. Also, new characters can be expected to play the roles of Robin’s life story to Kitty’s death story.

Season 3 episode 1
Still from Ghosts Season 3 Episode 1

In an interview, Matthew Baynton spilled out some hints by saying, We know that people are excited by finding out the mysteries that they still have left, which will come in season 4. He mentioned another thing, like there are so many more backstories in the upcoming season. Also, he said he was very excited to see the audience’s reaction, whether they would like it or not. Also, there might have been another death which is not come out yet. You never know. For this, you have to wait a little bit more.

Ghosts Season 4 Trailer

Don’t get fooled by any trailer on anywhere like Youtube or other video platforms, as there is no official trailer yet. You will most probably watch the trailer in early summer 2022. According to the sources, we have found that the shooting is still going on. So there are no chances that the trailer can be out before July.

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The Cast In Previous Seasons

Here are some of the lead actors of Ghosts seasons 1, 2, and 3. Charlotte Ritchie as Alison Cooper and Kiell Smith-Bynoe as Mike Cooper played the protagonists. Then we have Lolly Adefope as Kitty, Mathew Baynton as Thomas Thorne, Simon Franaby as Julian Fawcett MP, and Martha Howe-Douglas as Lady Stephanie Fanny Button. We were also joined by Jim Howick as Patrick Pat Butcher, Laurence Rickard as Robin, Ben Willbond as the Captain, and Katy Wix played Mary.

These actors performed their respective roles in a very realistic way. They performed their roles so real that in a very short period of time, they got so much fame and popularity. According to reliable resources, it is found that around 88% of the audience liked this show. Overall it is one of the best horror-comedy series to watch. It has everything the love, drama, comedy, the suspense—all in one package. Now keep your fingers crossed and hope that Ghosts season 4 will also be successful and we hope that the audience love it as well.

Watch Ghosts Online – Streaming Details

‘Ghosts’ is only available on a single channel BBC One. You can watch all three seasons on BBC One. While talking about OTT platforms, Ghosts is only available on one OTT platform, which is Voot, but you have to take a subscription to watch all three seasons. It is only available on Voot select, which requires a subscription. So grab your eatables and go watch all the seasons in one go. I am sure you will love it. Also, suggest your friends and family about it.

Happy Ghosts
Laughing Ghosts

When it comes to season 4, we don’t have an official site or platform where you can watch season 4. But not to worry about it, as such details may be declared later.

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