Ghost of Tsushima Release Date, Gameplay Settings, Updates

One of the most surprising reveals at E3 was Sony’s Ghost of Tsushima which pretty much shocked everyone. The game looked extremely robust with great fighting sequences. Ghost of Tsushima dived deep into ancient Japan and the traditional Samurais, as the gameplay trailer featured an interacting playing session of a Samurai pounding his foes with a Katana in the era of the Mongols. With each day passing by, new details about the game is getting revealed.

Although the game showcased its gameplay in a stealthier manner, it is revealed that it will also allow players to go full berserk. According to the developer, Sucker Punch, it depends on the player regarding choosing the manner to play the game.

Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay:

Ghost of Tsushima pc
Ghost of Tsushima

Chris Zimmerman then adds, “It’s up to you, really, as a player. It’s an open world game; you can choose your path. The game has to work well for people with different play styles. They’re looking for different things in the game, and we have to give it to them. Some people want to play a pure samurai-style: where you walk in the door and say, “come at me.” And we have people that want to play a pure ghost, where they don’t want anyone to see them around.”

The recent reports from Wccftech, reveals that Ghost of Tsushima will be having a lot of difficulty options which will immensely challenge the players. Chris Zimmerman said, “There’s a range [of challenge] because different people play games for different reasons. Especially when you’re talking about open-world games, which are big games, so you have players who are just tourists, they’re people who are story-driven, and some people are action-driven. For us to be successful, we kind of need to appeal to all those groups, and one of those groups are the people who are really, really into the action and want a challenge. That’s part of the experience for them.”

No other information was revealed but, Chris said that if the player wants to experience the real struggle with the Mongols then, Ghost of Tsushima will completely wreck them.

Ghost of Tsushima Release Date:

Ghost of Tsushima is still in its early stages of development, and it will be available exclusively on PS4.

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