‘Ghost Doctor Episode 9’: Kim Bum & Rain In For a New Crisis

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 9’: Kim Bum & Rain In For a New Crisis
‘Ghost Doctor Episode 9’

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 9’ is all set to hit the screens real soon. The fact is quite obvious that the viewership rating of the fantasy medical drama series has soared to new heights with the previous episodes. The engagement level of the drama too is setting new records every day and fans out there are stacking up the internet with the same excitement.

Cha Young Min and Seung Tak have become the most lovable duo of all time. And it is also very true that the chaotic yet adorable duo has won everyone’s hearts in a very short duration of time. They are going through a series of ups and downs together and also solving everything with their great coordination and synchronization. All in all, it is really great and intriguing to see them working together with all the smiles and frowns.

Moreover, the show has gained a strong position in the list of 2022 K-Dramas and we are sure that it is going to hold its ground for a very long time. It is quite clear from the fact that not only the domestic and but also the international audience is giving great attention to all the episodes of the series. And thus, the consistency rate too has reached a greater bar.

Here, we have summarized all the details about this upcoming ninth episode drama series. Therefore, let’s have a look quick look inside.

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 9’: Spoilers & Recap

In the previous episode of the show, we saw a lot of things happening at once. The chaotic yet adorable friendship of Young Min and Seung Tak has reached a new level and Han Seung Won has taken a very notorious plan to find out the reason behind the sudden intellectualness of Seung Tak.

Cha Young Min is seen recalling his first surgery when the doctors insist that the patient should be transferred to another hospital as they have no surgeons who can assist or operate on the patient. And when Sueng Tak steps forward to take over the operation everyone is left stunned.

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 9’: Kim Bum & Rain In For a New Crisis
Kim Bum

With the help of Cha Young Min, they managed to operate successfully on the patient and save another life. After this operation, Seung Tak starts reflecting on his responsibilities as a doctor and also his life. He realizes that he doesn’t have Young Min’s skills nor his level of knowledge.

Seeing the trouble Seung Tak is in, Young Min shares his first operation incident with him. He was still an intern back then and said everything was blurred when he was in the operating room. And when the whole procedure was done, he couldn’t believe the fact that he had managed to do such tricky surgery.

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 9’: Kim Bum & Rain In For a New Crisis

They both realize the importance of life and the satisfying feeling when someone’s life is saved by their hands. Young Min also realizes that he doesn’t have much time but is all set to help Seung Tak in saving as many lives as they can.

On the other side, the doubts about Seung Tak’s sudden sharp abilities continue to flood the mind of Han Seung Won. His conversation with Seung Tak’s mother leaves everyone in dread. At last, he plans a tricky plot with the help of Dr. Ahn.

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‘Ghost Doctor Episode 9’: Where to Watch?

The drama series is available for streaming on the international platform Viki. For getting access to the steaming platform both domestic and international viewers will need a subscription, to begin with. They can choose it accordingly and once it is done; they are free to stream all the upcoming and released episodes of the series.

TVING is also the platform available for only domestic viewers of the series. This too is available with a subscription package and the viewers can select it according to their needs and choices.

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 9’: When Is the Premiere Happening?

Ghost Doctor Episode 9 is going to release on January 31, 2022, at 7:00 PM. Cliffhangers from the previous episode have left everyone on edge and thus they are coming up with their own theories about the same. Every social media platform is flooded with all the potential assumptions that could happen in the next episode of the show.

Rain and Kim Bum

The medical fantasy drama series is doing really well on every ground and all the viewers out there are loving every bit of the same. Moreover, the previous episode of the show has an average of 7.4 percent nationwide and 7.4 percent in metropolitan areas. This has set a new record and raised the bar even high for everyone out there.

Furthermore, the upcoming episode of the series is going to bring a lot of twists and turns for everyone in there. Cha Young Min and Seung Tak are going to encounter something critical really soon and it is going to be one hell of a ride throughout it.

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