‘Ghost Doctor Episode 7’: Jang Se Jin to Join Hands With Young Min & Seung Tak?

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 7’: Jang Se Jin to Join Hand With Young Min & Seung Tak?
‘Ghost Doctor Episode 7’

The fantasy medical drama series ‘Ghost Doctor Episode 7’ is all set to hit the screens. It won’t be wrong to say that the drama series has set the bar higher up for everyone out there. The great humor content mixed with a hint of mystery and tension in the air has successfully done its magic, and now every viewer out there has become a sucker for the duo.

Its evergreen engaging content has taken everyone under its trance, and therefore fans out there are sure that the drama series is going to become one of the most memorable ones. The character formation so far in each episode of the show has been something really interesting to watch. Moreover, the chaotic yet genius duo of Young Min and Seung Tak has won over thousands of hearts.

Now, with Ko Sang Ho’s secret uncovered and Tae In Ho’s connection revealed, the plot points of the series has become really intriguing. The chemistry between Seung Tak and Young Min is something everyone is loving a lot, and the chaotic duo is sure to leave a permanent impression in everyone’s brains. The upcoming episode of the show is going to bring a lot. A series of truths are going to unveil, and numbers of chaotic scenes are surely in line. Here, we have summarized all the details about this upcoming seventh-episode drama series. Therefore, let’s have a look quick look inside.

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 7’: Spoilers & Recap

With Young Min accepting Seung Tak’s offer of working together, the show has turned to a new level. Their chaotic relationship has led to the realization that they need to work together to help the patient and expose the evil plan of Han Seung Won. We see the motorcyclist on his knees begging for forgiveness from Young Min. He is drowned in guilt after seeing himself struggling to survive and comes to the conclusion that he is getting punished for the sin he committed.

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 7’: Jang Se Jin to Join Hand With Young Min & Seung Tak?
Kim Bum

Drowned in guilt, he reveals that the car accident was brutally planned by Han Seung Won and Dr. Ahn. He admitted that they lured him into the plan by offering him a huge sum of money. Though the execution of the plan didn’t go as planned, and now both of them are in a coma. Seeing Oh Seung Joo’s intense will to live, Seung Tak decides to do everything to save him. Going through his plan with Young Min, he confirmed that the surgery would continue and will be led by Dr. Ahn.

On the other side, we saw Han Seung Won spitting hateful words towards the unconscious body of Young Min. His hidden feelings for Dr. Jang have fueled his resentment towards Dr. Cha.

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 7’: Jang Se Jin to Join Hand With Young Min & Seung Tak?
Ghost Doctor Episode 6

Another big revelation that happened in the previous episode was Dr. Jang finding out that someone was using her to get back at the professor. The incident happened when a message was sent to Young Min telling him to go out of the hospital to their secret place.

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‘Ghost Doctor Episode 7’: Where to Watch?

For all the international and domestic audiences out there can catch up on the show on the streaming platform Viki. The good thing about the platform is that it is easily accessible to everyone out there. After getting the subscription to the platform, the viewers can easily have access inside. Furthermore, all the domestic audiences out there can watch the show on the online streaming platform TVING. After getting through the subscription process, they can easily begin with all the episodes of the series.

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 7’: When Is the Premiere Happening?

Ghost Doctor Episode 7 is going to release on January 24, 2022, at 7:00 PM. The previous episode of the show has left all the viewers out there in very heavy suspense. Therefore, this upcoming episode is going to be one of the most anticipated ones out there in the series.

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 7’: Jang Se Jin to Join Hand With Young Min & Seung Tak?

The plot pattern in the drama series has reached a new level and has successfully developed various concepts and intriguing layers. Fans out there are flooding the internet with their speculations regarding the new episode of the show, and that explains their eagerness in a very clear way. All in all, the Seung Tak and Young Min have captivated everyone under their spell, and all the viewers are really eager to see more of them. Therefore, do catch up on this new upcoming episode of the show to watch more witty and humorous interactions between the duo.

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