‘Ghost Doctor Episode 5’: Is Seung Tak Finally Agreeing to Work with Cha Young Min?

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 5’: Is Seung Tak Finally Agreeing to Work with Cha Young Min?
‘Ghost Doctor Episode 5’

The fantasy medical drama series’ Ghost Doctor Episode 5’ is all set to hit the screens. With a very appreciable viewership score and loads of positive reviews, the series has gained its ground firmly. It has stolen the spotlight with its amazing content and fantastic delivery of the same. All the viewers out there are anticipating the show to become the best ones out there this year, and we can agree with it too.

With Cha Young Min and Seung Tak stuck in an operation room, the results can vary in several ways. In the last moments of the previous episode, we saw a panicking Young Min nagging on a dazed Seung Tak about the risky operation he is going to perform. Being prey to the dirty plan of Dr. An, they are now in a very critical situation.

We see Seung Tak extending his hand towards Young Min and addressing him for the first time. And it becomes clear for both the viewers and the genius doctor that he is able to see and hear perfectly. Now, everyone is waiting to see the decision of Young Min on Seung Tak’s offer of working together willingly.

Here, we have summarized all the details about this upcoming fifth episode of the drama series. Therefore, let’s have a look quick look inside.

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 4’: Spoilers & Recap

A very interesting development has happened in the series, and it has taken everyone under its trance. It would be right to say that the viewers out there are absolutely eager to watch Seung Tak and Young Min working together with each other’s consent. In order to save one more patient, Young Min again possesses Seung Tak’s body, who is fumbling with his mind chords in order to come up with something.

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 5’: Is Seung Tak Finally Agreeing to Work with Cha Young Min?
Kim Bum

Listening to the doctor blabber about how difficult it was to revive his patient, Young Min feels utterly devastated watching the patient die in front of his eyes. At the same time, he finds the veteran ghost standing beside him and later explains to him the rules of nature. He tells Young Min that everything works under the order of divinities and nature and also explains why a person would want everything to happen in his own ways.

Later, we see the genius doctor paying a visit to his body in the ICU. And after some, he finds out from other spirits that his body has been relocated. On his way to visit professor Jang, he notices her arranging her workplace with the body of a coma-ridden Young Min by her side.

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 5’: Is Seung Tak Finally Agreeing to Work with Cha Young Min?

In the next scene, we see him trying to know more about the spirit realm and also facing mockeries for remaining in the same clothes for days now. He possesses Seung Tak’s body for collecting his belongings from his apartment, and we see Se Jin questioning him about the same. After returning to the parking lot, he realizes that his body has been possessed by Young Min and finds it impossible to return home as his car is missing from the parking area.

Now stuck in Dr. An’s dirty plan, we see Seung Tak standing daze in the operation theatre with a panicking Young Min beside him. The question is, is he finally accepting the truth and agreeing to work with Young Min?

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Where to Watch ‘Ghost Doctor Episode 5’?

The South Korean drama series is easily available on the online streaming platform Viki. It is easily accessible for both domestic and international audiences. They will only need to have a subscription plan for the platform in order to begin with all the episodes of the show. Moreover, TVING is also the platform where you can stream the show. Though, it is only accessible to the domestic audiences of the series. With a subscription, they can easily stream all the episodes of the series without any hassle.

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 5’ Release Date

‘Ghost Doctor’ Episode will be released on January 17, 2022, at 7:00 PM. The upcoming episode of the series is going to be an eventful one as it is going to reveal a very important situation. Several theories about the same have been stacking up every social media platform. Fans out there are really eager to know the story ahead, and the good thing is that the anticipated episode is going to air really soon.

‘Ghost Doctor Episode 5’: Is Seung Tak Finally Agreeing to Work with Cha Young Min?

Moreover, the show has bagged the topmost position with a very large viewership score. With each passing episode, it is gaining new viewers, and all of us are expecting the show to be on the list of the most-watched ones in 2022.

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