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Preview & Recap: Getter Robo Arc Episode 3

Getter Robo Arc
Getter Robo Arc

The higher-ups have reported that Getter Arc has returned and that the guest is passing the entrance gate and headed for the main storage hanger. Kamui is with Baku and Takuma inside the vehicle heading somewhere. The lady reveals that they have determined the identity of the man who broke through D2’s security. Kamui has the powers to wield Getter Robo Arc. The higher-ups said Baku Yamagishi, a member of the long lost Green Earth Religion, has broke D2 along with Takumi and told Kamui to bring those two. The professor can’t believe that it is Tahir’s son and Ryoma’s son.

Nineteen years ago, a war broke out and an imminent nuclear launch got detected. The forces fighting in Siberia weren’t enough to fend off the enemy. Jin realizes that he has to fight and wonders where Goh and Ryoma are while Shin Getter sets out to face the enemies. Unit 2 also sees off, and they wonder who is piloting the Getter. One of the scientists comments that he is suspecting Messiah Tahir, leader of the Green Earth Religion. Jin got left behind since all the units have departed. Jin realizes that he will always be a survivor remaining when other head to a battle.

The episode title is ”The Children of Destiny.” The trio continues to travel together, heading to the base to meet with the professor. Kamui notices that Baku and Takuma are staring at him and ask if his face is so strange that they can’t stop staring at him. The vehicle arrives at the base, and the soldiers want to see the survivor’s golden son.  They are surprised when the car loses control, and it suddenly stopped. The soldiers wonder what is happing inside the vehicle.

Previously on Getter Robo Arc Episode 2

Kamui kicks Takuma and warns him that he will get more than a kick if he stares at him like that next time. Takuma replies that it makes sense to stare at something that he has never seen before. Kamui gets angry after Takuma teases his face that no one can tell if he is a human or a Saurian. The soldiers realize that Kamui hates it when anyone talks about his face. They try to stop Takuma from fighting with Kamui.

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Takuma manages to escape and try to counterattack Kamui, who landed a heavy shot that sends him to the ground. The soldiers realize that they saw this coming, and the boy got himself beaten. Takuma gets up and continues to fights; Kamui thought Takuma would give up. The soldiers never thought there is a guy who can throw Kamui like the way Takuma did. Takuma comments that he is immortal, and Kamai said he would kill him.

Getter Robo Arc

Getter Robo Arc

Getter Ray Research

The two begin to exchange powerful blows, and the soldiers enjoy watching an entertaining fight. Commander Jin arrives and stops the two from fighting. Jin notices that Takuma is bleeding and begins to take care of his cheek. Takuma comments that it is nothing, and Jin said he is not looking at his injury but the blood that flows in his veins, the blood of Ryoma Nagare. Takuma wonders if his father used to work here.

Jin replies that Takuma gets his stupidity from Ryoma Nagare. Baku wonders what this commander is saying, and Jin told them to follow him. They arrive inside Jin’s office ad saw other workers working. The workers talked about a satellite surveillance system directly connected to the network used by the UN forces. Baku wonders why these guys are here. Takuma notices that he is not familiar with any guy inside the building. Takuma confronts Jin and asks him about ten years where many scientists came to his family’s dojo.

They demand access to him for use in Getter Ray research. Jin wonders what Takuma is thinking. Takuma asks if those scientists were under Jin’s orders. Jin replies that he won’t talk about anything. One of the scientists reveals that the lab got closed ten years ago and wonders what Takuma is talking about which scientist team. The old geezer scientist arrived and said Takuma is Ryoma’s offspring. Later Baku and Takuma got appointed and began to work with Kamui battling with the enemies.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 3 Release Date

The new Getter Robo Arc Episode 3 release date is 18 July 2021. You can watch Getter Robo Arc online on ANIPLUS.

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