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Geraldo Rivera Net Worth: How Much Does The Famous Lawyer Earn?

What Is Geraldo Rivera's Net Worth?

Geraldo Rivera showed signs of resentment after  Judge Joe Brown abused the Vise President of the United States Of America. Geraldo is not just a lawyer he is an all-in-one package. He practiced as a lawyer for several years. Then he hosted a TV show. He has written many best-selling novels; He has been a political figure, and he also works with Fox News Programs. Being an attorney himself, he said this is not how Judge Joe Brown should talk about any woman. He said Brown has always been sexist.

He has lost a case twice because of his sexist behavior. Geraldo has always been the one who stands against all sorts of discrimination. His reason to quit practicing as a lawyer was corruption and malpractices in the system. He initiated his TV career when WABC-TV hired him in 1970 as a reporter for Eyewitness News. In 1972, the nation witnessed his talents and aspirations.

What Is Geraldo Rivera's Net Worth?

Geraldo Rivera The TV Show Host. (Credits: FOX Business)

And he entitled himself as a winner of the Peabody Award for his report on the failure and abuse of patients with intellectual disabilities at Willowbrook State School at Staten Island.

Geraldo Rivera’s Successful Project Lead Him To Even More Successful Projects.

After Geraldo was recognized for his work, opportunities started coming in, and he appeared on ABC national programs. He worked on extremely successful projects like Nightline and 20/20. These two projects were an absolute success for two years straight. After Geraldo’s two extremely successful projects, he caught the attention of John Lennon. Lennon called Geraldo for a discussion which is mostly called One To One. Together they drafted some residential policies that benefited the citizens of New York. Geraldo never functioned for the limelight and the success. He worked hard to make this world a better place, and this is when greatness is born.

The Most Successful Project Of Gerldo’s Career:  The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults

On April 21, 1986, Geraldo worked on the most successful project of his career, “The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults.” The special broadcast was announced as the unearthing of mobster Al Capone’s mysterious vaults found in Chicago under the old Lexington Hotel. Millions of people viewed the 2-hour show, but all that they uncovered was dirt. In 2016 Geraldo told in one of his interviews that It was an amazingly high profile program. The host said it was the highest-profile program he has ever been associated with.

He said such kinds of shows were ever his cup of tea, but viewers like controversies and drama, so he just delivered it to them. He added to his statement that he himself was very excited to see what they will discover. Geraldo said he was personally involved with the show that might be a reason that it is one of the most successful shows of his career.

Geraldo Rivera’s Political Career

Geraldo’s political career ended before he even tried to start it. However, if he would have contested the election, there was a very fair chance that he would have been elected. On the other hand, he decided not to run for the elections in 2013 due to personal reasons. Geraldo is also a very close friend of the former president of the United States of America, Doland Trump.

He again thought of contesting the 2022 elections from the republican party as Rob Portman declared that he would not contest for the 2022 elections. But again, Geraldo Rivera drew his interest from contesting the election. He should contest for the 2022 elections as he will make an amazing and efficient politician.

Geraldo Rivera Net Worth

Geraldo Rivera holds a Net Worth of 20 million dollars. In 2015 he bought an apartment worth 5.6 million dollars. He still owns the apartment, and currently, it is rented out to a fashion designing firm. He owned a 13,000 square feet mansion that he sold off with a profit of 2.6 million dollars. It was one of the most expensive properties in New York. In 2987 he received around 30,000 thousand dollars for each episode of his talk show.

Also, he owns royalties of some best-selling books, which bring him a chuck of millions. His earning from his book royalties were around 90,000 thousand dollars. He has been part of many successful programs, and each of his shows does not worth less than a million. Recently he was on government duty why being the head negotiator in the Israel and Palestine crisis. He would be receiving a government paycheck for that. So we cal officially say that Geraldo Rivera is a seventy-seven-year-old million brand.

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