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What To Expect From Genius Season 3 Episode 1?

There are very few period dramas that showcase the rise of various scientists and masterminds through the people who keep opposing them while they make a name for themselves. One such drama is Genius and it is perfect for any person who loves to watch how their favorite scientists have emerged among the rest. The show has been created by Noah Pink as well as Kenneth Biller and it airs on National Geographic Channel. The show has been completely adored by fans who were in an awe of how the creators captured the genius’s lives with such intricate details and execute it all with a hint of modernization to it.

Till this point in time, we have had two seasons of the series. The first one started airing in April of 2017 and throws light on the life that was lead by Sir Albert Einstein. The camera navigates the story from the point when he used to be a patent clerk but later became a physicist and developed the theory of relativity. Obviously, all the science geeks were too excited about this show and even if you are not that much into physics, after watching the show you will surely get attracted to those science books. The tale of this installment was adapted from the book called Einstein: His Life and Universe that has been penned down by Walter Isaacson.

Genius: Previous Season Recap

As for the second season of this series, it came out just a year later in April of 2018. It laid its entire focus on life as well as the art that was done by Pablo Picasso. The installment was finely divided into two parts. In the first one, we saw how Picasso stumbled upon his talent when he was young and deciding to venture into the artistic field. The second half of the second season then focused on how Picasso has become a renowned artist. But of course, there were a lot of struggles in his tenure as he was dealing with the rise of fascism as well as how he has to maintain the fame bestowed upon him.

Now, the happy news came out for all the fans back in 2018 itself when the creators announced that they have renewed the series for a third installment too. But it has been three years since then and we still do not have new episodes. Thus, here we have wrapped up all the details about what can we expect from a new installment as well as its launch date. First things first, it has also been announced by the creators that the third outing will follow the life of Aretha Franklin. Before proceeding any further, there is another happy news for all the anticipated fans. It has been revealed officially that Genius season 4 is also going to happen and will provide the spotlight on Martin Luther King Junior.

Genius season 3 episode 1 Release Date and Cast

Now, the cast members have also been decided for Genius season 3. The list includes Cynthia Erivo reprising the role of Aretha Franklin. Courtney B. Vance is going to enact the character of C. L. Franklin. David Cross will play the part of Jerry Wexler. Malcolm Barett will reprise the role of Ted White. Patrice Covington will enact the character of Erma Franklin. Then we have Kimberly Hebert Gregory playing the part of Ruth Bowen. Rebecca Naomi Jones will reprise the role of Carolyn Franklin.

Now the most important news that you all might be wondering about is the release date of this installment. So, Genius season 3 episode 1 is titled Respect and it is going to release on the 21st of March 2021. It will start with the story of Aretha Franklin. For all those who do not know, Aretha used to be an American singer as well as a songwriter and actress. She was a multi-talented personality as she also excelled in being a pianist and a civil rights activist. Her career started at a very early age when she used to sing the gospel at New Bethel Baptist Church located in Detroit, Michigan.

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