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Preview: HBO Max’s Original Series: Generation Hustle

Generation Hustle is an HBO Max Original Docu-Series that aims to take us through the minds of the most “powerful” men and women in the world. Executive produced by Emmy nominees Stacey Offman and Richard Perello, Generation Hustle is produced by Jigsaw Productions and CNN Original Studios. Generation Hustle looks over the years of the economy and how has it been able to prosper this way. Travelling, Shopping, and Parties have become a staple in the current generation, so the show digs deep to find out the cause for it. In their study, the show gets close to the stories of 10 entrepreneurs who make use of creative techniques to pull off a high-stakes battle. HBO Max recently dropped their trailer for Generation Hustle, so here we are to discuss the show’s release date details.

If it wasn’t clear till now what we meant by entrepreneurs who used creative techniques, we meant scammers. The show goes over 10 unique cases that got the world in a jam. Here we will see how all scammers have one thing in common, i.e. how money gives them power. The 10 stories will show different incidents that will include credit card fraud, identity theft, and many other techniques used in the scamming world. But as much as the world would believe that scammers are only fuelled by money, it’s wrong. Ego happens to play a much bigger part in their strive for power, fame, and fortune. These high stake fortune stories are more atrocious to experience by the fact that these scammers will themselves be the ones who reveal their actions to the world.

When Will Generation Hustle Release?

Generation Hustle is set to be released on Thursday, 22nd April 2021. In the series, all 10 episodes produced by CNN Original Studios and Jigsaw Productions will be made available to stream on HBO Max. Considering the fact that HBO Max is currently only available in the US, it is yet to be confirmed if the series will be aired in other countries or not. If so, the OTT platforms have not yet been announced. As HBO Max came out with the trailer, they came out with Key Visual for the show along with it.

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Generation Hustle: Episode Plots

  • Generation Hustle Episode 1: “Hollywood Con Queen”

A Con Artist impersonates a high-profile Hollywood producer in order to scam young aspirants.

  • Generation Hustle Episode 2: “The Party’s Over”

Ian Brick chooses to become a concert promoter only to be later brought back down to the ground by the FBI.

  • Generation Hustle Episode 3: “The 23 Lives of Jeremy Wilson”

Jeremy Wilson channels his looks to deceive people throughout the country by seduction, manipulation and cheating only to be outsmarted by an NYC cop.

  • Generation Hustle Episode 4: “Anna Delvey Takes Manhattan”

A young woman, Anna Sorokin dons the persona of a glamorous German heiress, Anna Delvey. As she sticks her bill for a lavish vacation on her friend Rachel, Rachel works with NYPD to track her down.

  • Generation Hustle Episode 5: “Cult of WeWork”

Adam Neumann’s WeWork convinces people to join it and grow multi-folds only to crash back down.

  • Generation Hustle Episode 6: “Baekeland”

Young William Baekeland uses his charm to get on the good side of wealthy world travelers only to take off with their money.

  • Generation Hustle Episode 7: “Frat Boy Ponzi”

Syed Arbab makes use of funds collected by fellow students, alumni, and high school friends to start a hedge fund. Later as there is a market crash, the feds close in on him.

  • Generation Hustle Episode 8: “Prince of Fraud”

Anthony Gignac impersonates a Saudi Royal prince to get a hold of the finger things in life.

  • Generation Hustle Episode 9: “The Alabama Exit”

A self-proclaimed Google alum Kyle Sandler goes to the town of Opelika, Alabama to promise that he would make the town the Silicon Valley of the east. People start investing in his ideas and launch the Round House business incubator but later wonder if his promises were built on lies.

  • Generation Hustle Episode 10: “A Scam with a Beat”

Teenager cons as rapper Teejayx6 to sign a record deal with America’s biggest labels.

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