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Gegege No Kitaro Episode 1 Review

gegege no kitaro episode 1

Gegege no Kitaro‘s first episode started right away with a blast when a video blogger named Charatomi became a huge red tree in the middle of the street. Curious people gathered around the tree, took pictures of it, and posted it to social media. They transformed into huge red trees as well. It became a big news overnight.

The next scenes introduced Mana and extra characters talking about the Shibuya incident. They went to the address where the mailbox to contact Kitaro is placed and dropped their letter. The next day, Mana met Kitaro while she and Souma was on their way home. Kitaro introduced his father, which is an eyeball with a small body known as Medama Oyaji. Fun fact: Medama Oyaji’s voice actor is the same as Goku’s. When you close your eyes, you can’t help but to think of the Saiyan trying to use a smartphone.

Kitaro, Medama Oyaji and Mana then tried to capture the Nobiagari. Kitaro was planted of the vampire seed as he sacrificed himself to save Mana. However, he was recovered after one day when the fruit in his tree fell down and he emerged through it. A new battle against the Nobiagari happened and this time, Kitaro succeeded in defeating the Yokai. However, while they’re celebrating, someone sent an arrow into Kitaro, rendering him unconscious.

gegege no kitaro episode 1

Gegege no Kitaro’s first episode is a unique masterpiece of its own, with quirkiness that you might not see in other anime. The pacing of every scene works its charm to create the desired emotion. However, there are some odd scenes sequencing, albeit slightly. For example, it is kinda unnerving to see Medama Oyaji grieve for his son and afterwards laugh a little when he explained Yakais for Mana’s sake.

Another thing that caught my attention is the use of flash back in the first episode already. Using a flashback is a good way of telling a story from the past. It establishes the setting and gives new information about the characters. However, a flash back from the same episode is ruining the momentum building in.

Let’s head over the sound effects. The anime tried to keep the viewer immersed by creating even the very small important sound. Kitaro’s Geta sounds, the “clip clop” is even heard even in the most uninteresting parts of the episode. If you watch the anime using a decent headphones, you’ll get the feeling of binaural beats.

gegege no kitaro oyaji

And the last but not the least, the graphics. What I like the most about this one is that the graphics are good whenever it needs to be good. There are times when it is plain and simple for simple scenes and there are also times when the graphics made the scene magnificent. This is not an anime that works well because of graphics. Instead, the graphics works very well for the anime. Whether it will retain the quality throughout the anime is a question of consistency.

Gegege No Kitaro episode 2 will air on April 8, 2018 on Sunday at 9:00 AM JST on FUJI TV.

Written by Keira Alexandria

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