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Gavin Rubinstein Net Worth: How Rich is The Real Estate Agent?

gavin rubinstein net worth in 2021
gavin rubinstein net worth in 2021

Another day, another net worth article. For today, we cover Luxe Listings Sydney’s Gavin Rubinstein net worth. Gavin works in the real estate lifestyle reality TV show for Amazon Prime Video. His rise to notoriety came after the Jeff Bezos platform listed the show earlier in July this month. Luxe Listings Sydney follows two other real estate agents and Gavin Rubinstein as they acquire fabulous properties across Sydney. Furthermore, with that kind of success, the show was recently renewed for a second season, and everybody is on the rage for it.

Gavin Rubinstein is an Australian real estate best agent known for his work in that sector and most recently for starring in Luxe Listings Sydney. Gavin Rubinstein goes all over Australia’s capital city in search of properties for acquisition, leasing, and selling. These properties are not your average housing unit but deluxe housing developments. From cozy large houses to grand multi-level apartment complexes, this real estate agent sets records for his absurdly high prices in the Australian real estate market. Join us here at Otakukart as we explore this man’s incredible life.

Gavin Rubinstein Net Worth

Gavin Rubinstein’s net worth rounds north of US $50 million. Furthermore, the bulk of his assets come from his work as a real estate manager. But Gavin will be raking in a lot more cash as the popular streaming platform Amazon Prime Video just renewed his show Luxe Listings Sydney for another season. Consequentially, we will see more of Gavin Rubinstein opposite Simon Cohen and D’Leanne Lewis in their search for Sydney’s top-notch real estate. What a wonderful job! On a different note, Gavin Rubinstein is a very secretive and private man.

The real estate agent turned reality TV host for Amazon Prime Video’s Sydney Luxe Listings likes keeping things private. He doesn’t release the name of his wife and never mentions his marriage or private life. And that’s ok. His job is buying houses and selling them. Sometimes people like to know way too much of a certain person. This is the case. You see, Luxe Listings Sydney is a relatively new show. With only one season and six chapters, the show took off and with good reception and critics. Consequentially, the producers renewed the show, and fans like you are just eager to know more about Gavin, D’Leanne, and Simon.

Gavin Rubinstein Net Worth

Australian real estate agent and reality TV star Gavin Rubinstein net worth rounds north of the US $50 million

Things We Don’t Know About Gavin Rubinstein

Once again, let us be clear on this. There’s simply not enough information out there to provide you with an in-depth profile on this man. And that’s because his notoriety, trending topic searches, and other stuff just haven’t hit the web yet. But in order to leave you a little bit satisfied, so you don’t go browsing elsewhere, here are some things the public doesn’t know about Gavin Rubinstein because he never made them public. Firstly, Gavin’s personal life is completely a mystery, nobody knows what are his favorite movies, hobbies, or other details. Secondly, Gavin’s net worth, although estimated very high, is just an estimate. Neither he nor anybody near him knows just how much he’s worth.

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Here are more things we don’t know about Gavin Rubinstein: Don’t bother in searching stuff on his family or siblings. You won’t find anything, and believe us, we searched. Furthermore, putting all these bits and pieces of intel together to bring you a proper article was an endeavor of its own because of the scarce information. But rest assured that we will keep you posted on this. Gavin has a strong YouTube presence, you can find a lot about Gavin’s business on that platform: From motivational keynotes to secrets of the real estate trade, but you won’t find any personal data on Gavin because, as we stated earlier, he likes to keep it private.

Luxe Listings Sydney Renewed for a Second Season

Luxe Listings Sydney was renewed for a second season. Catapulting Simon Cohen, D’Leanne Lewis, and Gavin Rubinstein into celebrity reality TV status. The production company, Eureka, is the same company that produces shows like “The Amazing Race Australia”, “Holey Moley”, “The Voice” and “Full Bloom”. This show goes about three real estate agents looking for high-level properties in the Sydney area. The show catapulted some of Sydney’s neighborhoods into public knowledge and showcases the city in a very original manner.

Gavin Rubinstein net Worth

Gavin Rubinstein Net Worth


To wrap things up on our brief coverage of Luxe Listings, Sydney’s Gavin Rubinstein net worth is about US $50 million. Firstly, Gavin is a very successful real estate agent turned reality TV star for a show on Sydney’s properties featured in Amazon Prime Video. Secondly, Gavin is a very private man, he never releases to the public any data regarding his marital status, family, siblings, or hobbies. Thirdly, this man takes very good care of his online presence, as you will only find videos about his work on the internet. Fourthly and finally, Gavin’s show got renewed for a second season. Good for Gavin! That’s our scoop on Sydney’s real estate mystery man.

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