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Gary Kemp Net Worth: The Former Spandau Ballet Member

Gary Kemp Net Worth
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Gary Kemp released his second solo album INSOLO last Friday on July 16, 2021. The album is a follow-up to his first solo album, Little Bruises, which came out back in 1995. Little Bruises was a result of Gary’s grief from the divorce from Sadie Frost. Now his new album INSOLO is a form of personal therapy, as Kemp himself says. According to him, he is too much caught up in the past years. The recording of this album was a way of reminiscing and ultimately letting go of them. The tracks contain elements of the 70s soft rock and have a rather cozy tone in contrast to his previous songs. With all the studios closed due to pandemics, Gary had to reach out to some old friends. These friends include Pink Floyd’s Guy Pratt and Rolling Stone’s Matt Clifford. They contributed to production as well. In this article, we will look over the net worth of Gary Kemp.

Gary Kemp became a popular figure in the music industry through his band Spandau Ballet. He was the guitarist, synthesizer, and even the songwriter. Gary clearly had the largest contributions to the band’s music. Apart from music, Gary saw a very successful career as an actor. Let’s have a look into the life and career of this famous singer-actor.

Gary Kemp: His Life Before Spandau Ballet

Gary James Kemp was born on October 16, 1959, in St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. He grew up in Islington, London. His father, Frank Kemp, worked as a printer and his mother, Eileen, worked as a seamstress. Two years later, in 1961, he had a brother named Martin. Martin would later accompany Gary in both his music and acting career. Gary grew up in a poor family, but his parents never deprived them of love. He would regularly visit the library with his father, and this helped him with songwriting. Gary attended the Anna Scher Drama Children’s Theatre drama club with Martin. He played different roles as a child in movies like Junket 89, Hide and Seek, and Jackanory.

Gary Kemp

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Gary Kemp had a great deal of interest in rock music. He performed on the children’s show You Must Be Joking in 1975. While attending Dame Alice Owen’s school, he formed a band named Roots with his schoolmates. The band then included John Keeble, Tony Hadley, Steve Norman, and Michael Ellison. Ellison left the group, and Gary’s brother Martin joined on the bass. The group’s name changed to The Cut and then to The Maker before fixing with Spandau Ballet. He married Sadie Frost in 1988 and had a son with her named Finlay. They divorced in 1990, after which he married Lauren Barber in 2003. He has three sons with her: Milo Wolf, Kit, and Rex.

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Gary Kemp’s Time With & After Spandau Ballet

Spandau Ballet had to make a lot of small gigs before going big. They performed at many non-rock platforms like HMS Belfast and slowly gained their audience. The band later signed a contract with Chrysalis Records in 1980. To Cut A Long Story Short, their first track was an instant hit and placed at Top Five in UK charts. They went on to produce many hit songs, and Gary was a major force behind them. He was the songwriter for all their songs. Gary Kemp describes it as nerve-wracking, as the whole band depended on him. Despite the great successes they achieved as a band, Gary and Martin left to focus on their acting careers.

Spandau Ballet

Gary in extreme left with Spandau Ballet (Source: Getty)

Gary’s first adult role was in the movie The Krays (1990). He played the lead role of Ronnie Kray, the infamous English gangster. His first Hollywood stint was in The Bodyguard (1992). Gary also starred in movies such as Killing Zoe, Dog Eat Dog, American Daylight, and Poppies. He enjoyed a very successful acting career while his former bandmates struggled to keep up. They even filed a suit against him, demanding shares of his royalties. However, Gary won the case as he was the sole creator of the band’s music. Back in 2020, Gary started a podcast with old friend Guy Pratt. They regularly interview famous musicians about their life and career.


(Source: Instagram)

Gary Kemp Net Worth

Gary Kemp has an estimated net worth of $10 million approximately. After Spandau Ballet’s disbanding, Gary ended up with most of the profits. Even after the enraged members tried demanding their share through a lawsuit, Gary was able to maintain his hold over the wealth. And because of losing the case, Tony, John, and Steve had to pay £200,000 each to Gary. Gary’s acting career and hit movies also earned him a fortune. The release of his new album is bringing in many positive reviews. This might be good news for his net worth.

You can watch the Album Documentary by clicking here.

Gary Kemp

INSOLO album cover (Source: Twitter)

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