Garo Anime Film Release Date, Title, Fall Opening and Details

Garo anime film

Back in November, the official website of the Garo franchise mentioned that the Garo: Crimson Moon television anime series will get a movie later on in 2018.

Recently, the Garo anime film project took a further step and gave us important information on the cast members, the staff that’s going to be involved, and lots of other important details that you would want to know. According to the information we have, the movie is going to be titled Usuzumizakura -Garo- (Gray Cherry Blossoms: Garo).

Garo Anime Film

The movie is supposed to premiere on a Friday in the Fall of 2018. The staff for the movie also saw to it that the movie was promoted, as they opened a website, and relaxed a teaser for the movie, along with a teaser visual.

We have tonnes of details on the staff of the movie, and it seems Masei Nakayama is going to voice the protagonist, making a return in the process. The direction of the movie is going to be handled by Satoshi Nishimira who has previously worked on Ushio & Tpra, Hajime no Ippo, and even Trigun, while Yasuko Kobayashi is going to be in charge of writing the script.

Garo Anime Film

Yasuko Kobayashi has previously worked on Attack on Titan, and even on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The character designs are not going to change, as Masakazu Katsura is going to return from Garo: Crimson Moon, so there is definitely going to be consistency in that department.

We are probably going to get another teaser either today, or tomorrow, and there may even be a key visual released at the AnimeJapan 2018 event. The story for the movie looks really interesting. Here’s how the official website describes it:

“The Heian world, the beautiful capital Kyo in its glorious splendor.
When two attractive Onmyōji meet, the sad, ephemeral, yet beautiful cherry blossoms …
… will bloom after a millennium.”

This certainly does look like something that you’d look forward to. We will likely get more details about the movie in the upcoming days, and once we do, you’re definitely going to find everything you need here. That’s it from me, for now. I’ll see you guys soon!