Sword Art Online is dominating multiple mediums it possibly can. From novels, to manga, to anime, merchandise, and games, Sword Art Online has finally branched over to PC with one of its brand new video games that will be releasing soon! So with that said, today we are going to be discussing Sword Art Online’s new PC game with the release date!

Sword Art Online New PC Game With Release Date Revealed!

To begin with, Bandai Namco Entertainment (United States of America) (Europe) announced and confirmed that Sword Art Online Hollow Realization the game will be released on PC. The game was released on October 27, 2017 digitally. Alongside the main game are the following DLC (Downloadable Content):

  • Lord of the Inferno DLC
  • Abyss of the Shrine Maiden DLC

Both of these DLCs will include three chapters for an additional total of $49.99 USD. The origins of this game’s creation was a collaboration between the creators of the novels alongside with the game  developers. The author behind the novels actually wrote the script and outline for the game. As you play Sword Art Online Hollow Realization, players will have the chance to join three characters in their party.

Sword Art Online New PC Game With Release Date Revealed!

For the PC version of the game specifically, two new characters will appear as AI (Artificial Intelligence). One of the characters is named, “Premiere.” The other is Genesis. Genesis is more like Kirito who is nicknamed the “Black Swordsmen” in the game. The PC version of the game is inspired by the events that took place in Season 1 of the anime. Players will explore and battle within the world of Ainground, which was inspired by the floating castle Aincrad.

Sword Art Online New PC Game With Release Date Revealed!

Are you going to be picking up this game? Let us know in the comments below with what you think of this game and if you’re picking it up. Thanks for reading and we will see you all in another article soon!


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