Sega Mega Drive Mini Answers SNES With A Catch

Sega Mega Drive Mini Release Date

After Nintendo’s unexpected success for its NES and SNES classic reissues, Sega will try to replicate the success with its own Mega Drive Mini. Originally called the 16-bit Genesis, the Mega Drive is one of NES and SNES competitors back in the days. The Mega Drive Mini is also created to commemorate the console’s 30th anniversary.

Back when console games are running 16-bit graphics, Sega and Nintendo were rivals in the gaming industry. Nintendo’s NES console was the biggest thing back then. However, Sega managed to shake Nintendo’s footing when it released a console called Sega Genesis or the Mega Drive. When Nintendo realized this, they launched a better console that brought back their footing easily: the SNES. Now that Nintendo released SNES Mini, Sega is going to fight with its own Mega Drive Mini.

Sega Mega Drive Mini Release Date

We don’t know the exact date but it’s confirmed to be coming later this year, in 2018.

This is a big news for Sega console fans. Sega stopped making hardware back in 2001 when Sega Dreamcast failed miserably. Since then, the company focused on developing games as a third-party developer. Mega Drive Mini would be Sega’s first ever video game console after almost two decades of producing only software products.

Sega Mega Drive Mini

The Mega Drive Mini will be distributed by AtGames, the one who made the Mega Drive Flashback, which received bad reviews last year due to the fact that it only comes with an analog video input. The only difference between Mega Drive Mini and Mega Drive Flashback is that Sega will be supervising the latter. Hopefully, the company will fix what AtGames failed to address with their Flashback products.

The bundle of games that are expected to be included in the console might be the same list that will be in the Sega Mega Drive Classics which will find its way in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The list includes Bio-Hazard Battle, Columns, Galaxy Force II, Golden Axe series, Phantasy Star series, Shinobi Force, Sonic the Hedgehog series, Streets of Rage series, Vectorman and Wonder Boy. However, the Sonic 3 might will not be included due to the license issues with the music, as per AtGames. Mega Drive Mini is also expected to be a plug-n-play device like SNES Mini.

Sega Mega Drive Min launch date

Not much is known about the hardware at this time, but images indicate that the console will look a lot like its predecessor in design, albeit smaller. The console is expected to be released in Japan this year. There is still no news, however, if there will also be released outside of Japan. Sega also plans to bring their classic games to Nintendo Switch.

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