The upcoming shooter game, Rage 2 after its revelations already grabbed the attention. Fans are in real excitement as to what they could be getting from this upcoming game from Bethesda. We all know, Bethesda has been doing a great job pumping out some of the coolest games for the last few years, so the high expectations are just natural. From all the sources, the game will be focusing on the period after some sort of apocalypse, and many experts believe that Rage 2 lies somewhere between games like Fallout, Mad Max and a few more.

Rage 2 Trailer:

The main character of the game will be Walker, who is left in a place which has become a complete wasteland after an apocalypse where over 50% of humanity has been exterminated. Rage 2 will be a first-person shooter game. You can do a lot of things out in this open-world action. Weapon upgrades will be at your disposal and player will get many other things, one of such are Overdrive, which will help to push your weaponry “beyond their mechanical limits.”

The game was hinted way back in 2011 when John Carmack, the co-founder of Id Software told Ign that “We’re going to migrate more of the Rage team people, and then we’re going to roll onto Rage 2.”

The new trailer of Rage 2 has more to offer as we got a better look at the game’s location and the man in action which is way better from its first reveal. The action is out of the charts, a new world without any rules is what drives the main character forward. In the middle of heavy weaponry, a constant battle with the opposition gangs, huge robots, insane action, Rage 2 did get everyone fired up.

Rage 2 Plot:

Rage 2

According to the narrator, “When the asteroid hit, billions were gone in the blink of an eye. Tribes rose up, alliances formed, the territory was conquered, there was no one left alive to tell you no. And in this wild, wide open place, if you wanted something bad enough, it was yours for the taking. See, in a world where there are no rules, insanity rules.” So this is the whole situation, and you’ll play the character of Walker, “the last Ranger of the wasteland.” As Walker “you will tear across an unforgiving wasteland battling sadistic gangs to find the tools and tech needed to crush the oppressive rule of The Authority once and for all.”

Rage 2 Multiplayer Mode:

Also according to new reports from Eurogamer, Rage 2 will entirely focus on single-player mode, and it will lack multiplayer mode. “We’re just focused on the best open world single-player game that we can make…I personally really believe you can make single player games really fantastic, so that’s what we’re focused on,” Magnus Nedfors of Avalanche told Eurogamer.

Rage 2 Release Date:

A specific release date for the game hasn’t been revealed yet but, Rage 2 will release sometime in the spring of 2019.


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