Apart of the old big three anime, One Piece is still dominating in the manga department as the number one sold manga in the world (with Dragon Ball Z ranking second, and Naruto ranking third). However even if the anime and the manga are doing very good, they’re also stepping it up in the video game industry! Today we are going to be discussing the video game One Piece Grand Cruise and the new interaction details!

One Piece Grand Cruise New Interaction Details

To begin with, One Piece Grand Cruise will be the first ever One Piece game that will be played in VR (Virtual Reality). It was confirmed in Shonen Jump Magazine that using the VR experience in the One Piece grand Cruise game will allow players to interact with other Straw Hat Crew members in different ways.

One Piece Grand Cruise New Interaction Details

Some of these interactions that will be in the game are:

  • Fighting alongside Straw Hat Members
  • Visiting Straw Hat members in their room on board (example – Nami’s room)
  • Have conversations with Straw Hat Members
  • Training with Straw Hat Members (example – Zoro)

By interacting and progressing, their response or reaction will be determined by whatever option you decide to pick during conversation. The scan below says that a pre-release demo is planned for Tokyo One Piece Tower. For more information please refer to the scan below!

One Piece Grand Cruise New Interaction Details


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