One Piece has dominated the manga industry by being the number one most sold manga in the entire world, worldwide. Not only is it dominating the manga charts, but it is also in the top five anime that are currently being watched. So with anime and manga being a hit for the franchise, the gaming industry has also been something One Piece takes advantage of, as it has created the development of many games over the years that One Piece has existed. With that said, today we are going to be discussing One Piece Game Dawn news in regards to the Land of the World Nobles!

One Piece Game Dawn Reveals Land Of The World Nobles

So to begin, One Piece project Dawn was announced or teased back in July. Now in the latest issue of Shonen Jump Magazine, more information has been revealed alongside a key visual for the game. The key visual is a representation sketch of the holy land Mariejois (the land of the World Nobles as well as the heads of the World Government, in flames). Regarding the game’s release date as well as platforms of availability, there are no further news towards this subjects. However what we do know is that more information for this subjects and more will be revealed on December 11th’s Weekly Jump 2-3 joint issue.

One Piece Game Dawn Reveals Land Of The World Nobles

One Piece Dawn seems to be the One Piece game to get alongside other games under franchise releasing such as :

  • One Piece Bounty Rush
  • One Piece Grand Cruise VR
  • One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 for Nintendo Switch

As for project Dawn, developers have hinted that this will be the best One Piece game ever created as it adds elements into the game that have never been attempted before by any other developer or One Piece video game. As hype builds for this game, it is still unclear as to what kind of game it will be. Will it be an adventure game, a first person, a third person, many options to consider as One Piece has created so many different styles of games for the franchise.

One Piece Game Dawn Reveals Land Of The World Nobles

One Piece Game Dawn was announced and created for the 20th anniversary of the One Piece manga, so it can definitely be something special as it has the destruction of the Land Of The World Nobles as their key visual and first leaked image for the promotion of the game. This kind of controversy will exceed fans expectations and cause hype within the community. Are you excited for One Piece Game Dawn? Let us know in the comments section below! When more news regarding One Piece Game Dawn is revealed we will report it here first. Thanks for reading and we will see you all in another article shortly!


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