Just when we thought Dragon Bal FighterZ was the newest Dragon Ball game to hit the market recently,  another Dragon Ball game has surfaced! Adding to the Dragon Ball franchise is the new Dragon Ball game titled: Dragon Ball : XKeeperz! With that said, today I am going to be giving you all the information about the new Dragon Ball 4v4 game revealed! Which is XKeeperz.

New Dragon Ball 4v4 Game Revealed! XKeeperz

To begin with, the following information was from the recent issue of V-Jump magazine. Dragon Ball XKeeperz will be a four versus four survival battle game. During the fight, you will able to swap between character for your team and also customize your perfect Dragon Ball team to eliminate the enemies you face against. Communication and Teamwork are the two very important features in this game as there will be an in game chat feature available. So, that you can communicate with the rest of your team to ensure victory. So far the scan says the game will be available for browsers. For more information as well as the visual, please refer to the scan below!

New Dragon Ball 4v4 Game Revealed! XKeeperz

Another feature translated for the scan indicates you will be able to perform your “Combination X” move with up to four players. So far this is the only information released for the game so far. When more news is released about Dragon Ball : XKeeperz, we will report it here first. Expect further updates for the game as the year progresses. As the game will come eventually later this year. Thanks for reading and we will see you all in another article soon!


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