Dokkan Battle is one of the hottest games when it comes to the Dragon Ball games available right now. It is available for the platforms of Android, and iOS, and has been out for over two years now. You can play the game with your favorite characters like Gogeta, Vegetto Blue, Ultra Instinct Goku, and many more. Of course, there are still going to be more additions to the game, and Super Saiyan Blue Evolution Vegeta is headed over to Dokkan Battle.

Dokkan Battle Super Saiyan Blue Evolution Vegeta

Dokkan Battle Super Saiyan Blue Evolution Vegeta

As many of you might have guessed already, it is the Vegeta from the Tournament of Power, and yes, he can use the new power that he awakened as well. According to Shonen Gamez, Super Saiyan Blue Evolution Vegeta is coming to Dokkan Battle soon.

The information is taken from V-Jump which is a monthly magazine covering various Shonen games, and even manga. As with Weekly Shonen Jump, V-Jump was leaked a couple of days early so here we have information on many games, which also include Dragon Ball FighterZ. If you’re interested in that, we’ve covered it in a separate post. Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue Evolution form has excited a lot of fans, we will get even better inclusions to the game in the future. For those of you who don’t know much about Dokkan Battle, here’s the information that Bandai provides on the game:

Super Saiyan Blue Evolution Vegeta Dokkan Battle

“Get ready for Earth-shattering action! A brand-new chapter in the Dragon Ball Z saga has arrived! Now you can experience all the nonstop action in the palm of your hand! Get pumped–the world of “Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle” awaits you!


Faceoff against formidable adversaries from the anime series! Explore your favorite areas in a whole new way with unique board-game-style gameplay! Utilize various items and power-ups to strengthen your team and steel yourself for the battles ahead!


Simply tap the Ki Spheres on the screen to engage in supersonic combat! The fighting is so extreme your screen won’t be able to handle it! Awaken the true potential of your favorite Dragon Ball characters and make them stronger than ever before! You’ve never experienced Dragon Ball like this!”


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