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Gal Gadot in Trouble After Her Tweet on ‘Israel-Palestine’ War?

Gal GAdot twitter Backlash
Gal GAdot twitter Backlash

The Palestine-Israel war continues as the chaos between the two nations takes the lives of hundreds. many celebrities and netizens have been praying for the betterment of the people and the two countries. Actress Gal Gadot, who is from Israel also showed her concern towards the recent attacks that happened. Both Israel and Palestine attacked the major spot of the countries by launching missiles and other tools. Moreover, all this blunder happened on the occasion of Jerusalem Day. Gadot and many others expressed their heartfelt views. However, it looks like Gal Gadot is getting backlash for commenting on the situation. Many netizens swarmed after the Israeli actress tweeted her feelings on the Israel-Palestine saga. Hence, without waiting any longer, let us drop all the details on the new controversy.

Gadot, a former Israeli Defence Forces fighter, could not contain herself after watching her country on the news 24*7. The actress wrote a sorrowful message saying that it breaks her heart to see her “country at war.”

Her tweet read, “My heart breaks. My country is at war. I worry for my family, my friends. I worry for my people. This is a vicious cycle that has been going on for far too long.” There was a pain in her message. But, sadly, she faced negative comments on her message. Many spoke against it, while many showed concern to the actress.

Why Did Gal Gadot Recieved backlash?

Many of her fans and admirers are wondering why people on the internet are throwing negative comments on her.

Her post on Twitter was attracted many users. The majority of them criticized her for playing the “propaganda” instrument for Israel, given her past military service record.

Some of them criticized her for using the word “neighbor” in her tweet. The actress referred to Palestine as a neighbor instead of referencing Palestine by name. It looks like some did not like her way of addressing the “neighbor” country.  The comment section became a battleground itself, where all of them were targeting the actress. The backlash was so disturbing that the actress had to disable the comments section to her tweet. Also, she did the same on her Instagram post.

Gal GAdot twitter Backlash

Many have lost their lives in the war. Kids, women, and men are fighting for their lives. At least 53 Palestinians and six Israelis have been killed in coiled violence as of Wednesday. The Gaza-based militants fired hundreds of rockets on Israel since Monday evening. In return, Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes at Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip.

Things have been very disturbing, and the who world is praying for peace. People on social media, especially, should not start a war with people who have very little say in the situation. We expect the people to stop criticizing the actress and move forward with helping the people.

Gal Gadot’s Message, The War and More

Gal Gadot penned down a message and posted it on her Social Media channels. She wrote that her heart is breaking, and she worries about her friends and family. Moreover, she said that she worries for her people, referring to the nation she belongs to. She further continued and said that it is a vicious cycle (the war). And her country, Israel, should live as a free and safe nation. The actress wants the same for Palestine, which she referred to as “neighbor” in her post.

Gal GAdot twitter Backlash

In the end, she prayed for the victims, the families, and she prayed for this unimaginable scenario and cycle to end. Furthermore, the actress sent prayers to her leaders so they can find a way to get both the countries out of the mess as soon as possible.

Other celebs like Bella Hadid, Mark Ruffalo, and Gigi Hadid have also expressed their views. However, not all of them match with what Godot had to say.

The war between the two nations has been since the 20th century. The battle goes on a loop as both of them continuously try to gain the upper hand. It’s not about religion anymore. We pray for the people who lost their homes, family, and loved ones.

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