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Future of Pokemon Go Looks Bright As Niantic Teases AR Glasses

Exciting news broke yesterday as the prodigious game developer Niantic confirmed and leaked the design of their new AR Glasses.

This is not the first time Niantic showed some interest in launching its own AR devices, especially AR Glasses. in the year 2019, Niantic decided to collaborate with the famous Japanese game developer Qualcomm. Qualcomm’s default reference product design for the XR2 platform is so diverse in its distribution. They clearly ensure the thriving developers to be able to get their own authentic experience through their product devices. That way, these developers can attain what they need to create and stabilize their own reality experience that they build themselves.

It feels like the future of pokemon go does not have to wait that long anymore. And it’s getting more and more exciting. Niantic has improved their game so much lately. They are putting every effort they have to create a vivid and enjoyable gaming experience possible. The AR Glasses coming up soon are guaranteed to improve your gaming experience. With that, your experience will be much more enjoyable than before.

What to expect

The Niantic Real World Platform will not only consist of the already famous games from their own crafts. This includes incredible such as ‘Harry Potter Wizard’s Unite’ and also ‘Ingress.’ Many credible sources report that it will also include significant social and mapping data that will guide you better in playing games like Pokemon Go. It will definitely be a medium of connection for the players to bridge between augmented reality and real-life experience.

How this new innovative gaming technology works sounds just as fun as it actually is. one of the main points of it is that businesses, organizations, or even individuals can add their locations to the database. Its location then integrates itself with the POkemon Go Buddy VR adventure. This will have the owe thee, players, experience, adventure, and fun while playing the games.

The currently reigning CEO of the game developer startup shared some sneak and peeked for their upcoming project. John Hanke teased the release of a handful of AR Glasses to support the gaming experience they provide.

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The design of the AR glasses is quite compact in itself. Based on the photo shared by John Hanke himself, the glass will look just like another futuristic AR Glasses anyone can imagine on their own. The simple and high-end design makes it look very stylish and fit.

For the feature aspects, you can also not worry. The AR Glasses is equipped with a great untethered design that allows you to expect a great see-through game. This AR also contains a vast field that lets you see the entire screenplay better, wider and elaborate view.

The stem of the glass also appears to be thicker. What’s more exciting is that those glasses will also feature a few little holes on the stem as a speaker. This will enhance the reality aspect of the gaming activity.

The AR Glasses market is heating up in recent years. This is due to VR Goggles that are yielding their domination in the business. In recent years, VR Glasses from google are dominating the world with their own authenticity and compatibility. Many companies need to start building their plans to achieve success in this area.

It became so popular among gamers to the latest generation of gamers that it became such an honor to own one. Those AR products currently in production and design will match their own other AR products and other products by other parties.

The relationship between Niantic and Qualcomm

With all of the news coming up, there is no sign that Niantic itself will create its own hardware alone. The CEO of the company, Megan Quinn, even stated that Niantic is not building its own hardware. Moreover, they also do not have a plan to have their own hardware. They trust that vital part of the job to the third-party manufacturers like Qualcomm to do their job entirely.

In December 2019, Niantic also made a bold move with their decision. They were releasing their plan to make an augmented reality headset for gamers. They were also dealing with the help of XR2 Platform technology developed by Qualcomm.

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Their relationship with Qualcomm is unguarded and fully public. This leaves fans and other developers to be curious about how this tech duo will end up doing in the future. Furthermore, Niantic is still trying to assign its own authentic product with the help of this Japanese brand.

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