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Funniest Anime Memes Of All Time

The following article is about the funniest anime memes of all time. Anime is watched all over the world. With hundreds of anime from different genres, anime is one of the best ways to spend leisure or enjoy a weekend. One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Death, etc., are a few of the most viewed anime. With different kinds of trends going over the internet, the most common one is the making of memes. When anime and memes combined, they became one of the best trends on the internet.

Memes are pictures from a certain video with texts written on them. The context and the picture may be different, but their combinations make a fine piece of entertainment. Like that, pictures from different anime are combined with text that gives it a nice funny ring. In the case of anime, most of the time, the context is based on the picture on the anime. It may be a quote from the anime or a hypothetical situation created from the anime. Relationship anime memes, sports anime memes, horror anime means, etc., are just a few of the whole lot. So without further ado, let us see the funniest anime memes of all time.

Ultra Skip

What better way to start the list than with a Dragon Ball meme. The happiness along with amusement is very real in this video. Many of us can relate to this situation. After having a tiring day at college or school, you decide to skip the last class and go home early. But suddenly your professor emailed you, saying that the last class is canceled. It feels like you have achieved a secret power. The idea of coincidence secretly escapes from the brain. Finally, after the tiring day, you unlocked ultra instinct.

Ultra Skip

Ultra Skip Meme

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College Note

The pain and embarrassment of this meme can be understood by all the students. You know the answer, you tell the answer, but the teachers are never satisfied. It is very funny from the perspective of a viewer. The face that Ryuzaki from Death Note makes is the face of every professor and teacher. Moreover, the subject mentioned in Physics, which is as dreadful as it sounds. A meme a day can keep the embarrassing moments away.

College Note

College Note Meme

Wind Style – Do not Touch My Oreos Jutsu

The funniest anime meme list without a Naruto meme is never truly complete. Everyone’s love for Oreo is no less than the Naruto anime. The meme makes an amusing mixture of the two. Naruto is slowly losing his consciousness to Kurama and beating some to death for eating his Oreos. The situation can be best understood by siblings. They always fight, so their mother divides Oreos among them. When one of them takes an extra, the Fourth Great Ninja War occurs.

Wind Style - Do Not Touch My Oreos Jutsu

Wind Style – Do Not Touch My Oreos Jutsu Meme

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Boku no Johnny Mania

This meme might make All Might and Boku no Hero Academia fans angry, but it was not my intention. The meme made me spit water of my mouth. It focuses on the whole plot of Boku no Hero Academia. All Might, the number one transforms from the first picture to the second when he fights the villains. The Johnny Bravo reference is quite witty, and the whole setup is very amusing.

Boku no Johnny Mania

Boku no Johnny Mania Meme

Short – Tempered

Fullmetal Alchemist has been the highest-rated anime on IMDb since its release. So a meme based on the anime is bound to happen. Edward Elric is one of the shortest protagonists in the anime world. This situation happens will all the people who are a little shy on height. People get angry when they are objectified. But the meme is quite funny. Lastly, it is very wrong to body shame anyone otherwise, the Elric brothers may come for you.

Short - Tempered

Short – Tempered Meme

A Tribute To The Channel

The truth of this meme is unparalleled. If a person has not reached this stage, then that person is not ready to be in the Otaku community. The fifty episodes in a week are still easy hardcore Otaku can finish 100 episodes in a week. The dark circle under their eyes speaks about the feat they have achieved. Are you ready to enter the Otaku community, or are you already at the hardcore level?


Otaku Meme

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