Fuller House Season 5: The Final Season Is Coming To DVD And Digital!

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Fuller House

After the overwhelming success of the original family drama series Full House, fans wanted to see more of it! Their dreams finally came true after streaming giant Netflix brought home the sequel series Fuller House! Now D.J. Tanner-Fuller takes the center stage as the lead protagonist! However, the veterinarian and widowed mother of three sons has a full family herself! From John Stamos To Bob Saget, their appearances on the show was all about the nostalgic moments! It was as if time stood still for Full House fans!

She lives with her sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy along with her teenage daughter. They all reside together at Tanners’ original childhood home in San Francisco. Fans experienced a whole new wave of nostalgia as several of the original cast members made their appearance in the rendition, inducing the patriarch Bob Saget! Fuller House came to an end in 2020 and had an impressive 5-series run. As they said in their parting note, this might be farewell but their doors will always be open!

Fuller House Season 5: Fans Have A Big Surprise Ahead!

Although the Tanner family big their goodbyes to fans back in 2020, it seems like the makers might have big news ahead! The fifth and final season is finally available for DVD release date and is set for sometime around this month itself.  While it’s almost been more than a year since the final episodes dropped on the streaming platform, fans have been eagerly waiting for the DVD release ever since.

Fuller House

It is time to rejoice as Fuller House season 5 is officially coming to DVD and Digital! It will be available from  June 8, 2021, onwards. However, there are not going to be any bonus scenes but luckily all five seasons will come in a box set. While some of the lead stars is still hopeful for a revival, you can enjoy all five seasons for now. Don’t miss out on the shocking cameos by some of the original stars. Bob Saget came back to impart some pearls of wisdom to his grown kids!

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Fans Were Shocked To See These Original Characters Make Their Return On Fuller House!

Despite some major differences, it same as the makers made sure that fans got to see some of the original cast members. For instance, fans saw Nelson making his return in season 2 of the revival series. However, fans missed some of the actors who did not make an approach while it was expected. For instance, Jason Marsden was missed from the frame.

Later it was reported that the makers did approach him for a cameo. However, the actor was not quite on board. Although he was supportive of him getting replaced. The actor has also done a lot of projects since his popularity in the Full House role. Sadly enough he refused to reprise it in its spin-off. Marsden was later seen in another Netflix comedy series Dead To Me. Another set of celebrities did not make their appearance.

Fuller House Season 5: Why Didn’t The Olsen Twins Appear In Fuller House?

While the rendition of Full House was a successful one, everyone missed the Olsen twins. Their cute antics was a major crowd puller in the original series and fans wondered why were they absent from the spinoff show? Turns out, John Stamos who also produced the show did not reach out to them directly! He reached out to their agents and that’s where a misunderstanding took place! The sisters were missed and later they made shocking revelations about not being approached.

Fuller house

The twins, however, claimed that they were never asked to do the series. John Stamos later confessed that he was a bit disappointed that the Twins did not join them for the spinoff show. Lead star Candace Cameron had earlier said that she is hopeful that the show will get another season. While Fuller House was canceled after five back-to-back seasons, there’s still hope for a revival! Bob Saget might soon come back to give some advice to his grandchildren and grown kids.

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