Fuller House Season 4: What’s Next For The Tanners?

The last time we saw the Tanners, they were headed off Japan. We got to see tonnes of new developments in the plot during the previous season of Fuller House, and although last season wasn’t the best by any means, we still enjoyed it. Fuller House Season 3 ended quite a long time ago now, and so it is time we discuss the upcoming season with you guys now.

Fuller House Season 4

In this post, I’ll be sharing all the information on Fuller House Season 4 that we have with us right now. This post may contain spoilers, so if you haven’t caught up to the series yet, I suggest you stop reading the post here. However, if spoilers don’t bother you, we can get started.

Fuller House Season 4 looks like it’s going to have all our favorite characters return. We don’t have a confirmation on who’s returning and who’s not, but here’s the cast we expect to see in Fuller House Season 4:
Candace Cameron Bure as D.J. Tanner-Fuller
Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner
Andrea Barber as Kimmy Gibler
Michael Champion as Jackson Fuller
Elias Harger as Max Fuller
Soni Bringas as Ramona Gibbler

There will also be new additions that will be made along the way, and I think we’re in for a great ride! I’m really excited to see some new faces in the upcoming season of the show.

Fuller House Season 4: Major Updates

Fuller House was rumored to come to an end with the third season. However, once the finale of the third season aired, we found out that there’s more story that’s left to tell. This isn’t it for the Tanners’ journey. Since there was a severe drop in the ratings of Netflix’s Fuller House, there is a lot of pressure that they’re facing.

I hope they don’t crumble under this pressure, and instead deliver an excellent season that surpasses all we’ve seen so far. Fuller House Season 4 was rumored to come out in October 2018, but it may be delayed a few months due to unknown causes. Once we find out more info on a release date of Fuller House Season 4, we’ll let you know.

What are your thoughts on Fuller House? Are you expecting the next season to be the best we’ve seen so far? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

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