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Spoilers: Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Episode 8

Full Dive This Ultimate Next Gen
Full Dive This Ultimate Next Gen

After escaping from Alice blade, Hiro and Reona arrive in Ted City and find the city is burning. Earlier, they met with Martin, who reveals the truth about his death to them. Hiro asks Martin to come back to life, but Martin ensures that he is happy, and he wants to stay there. He told Hiro to complete all the missions that are left in this game world. Hiro agrees, and he is glad that the truth about Martin’s death got revealed.  The episode is titled Changes of Survival 0.1 %.

The fire continues to engulf the City of Ted. Hiro and Reona witness the citizens escaping from the city. Most of them are carrying their fortune while running. Hiro is surprised that they are running away from the fire instead of stopping the fire. He wonders what caused the fire. Hiro bumps into one of the boys and asks what is happening. The boy told Hiro to move out of the way, and he continues running. Everyone in the city ignores Hiro, and they push him while they escape.

Previously on Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Episode 7

Hiro stood in the middle of the city and shouted for anyone to tell him what is happening. Reona told Hiro that panicking wouldn’t help they can find out themselves. She told Hiro that everyone is running for their lives and they don’t have to stop and explain everything to him. Hiro replies that this is the game world, and Reona suggests that they can ask the blacksmith while fixing Hiro’s sword. They both went inside the store, and Hiro notices that this store is a scary place. He talks while standing at the door.

Hiro comments that his sword is rusted and asks if someone can fix it for him. A handsome hunk asks Hiro if he is stupid to ask that question now. The guy told Hiro that there is no time for that; they have to run for their lives. Hiro asks the guy if he can explain what is happening in the City of Ted. The guy replies the City of Ted is under attack. The goblins set the fire around the city, and no hero has stepped up to face the army of goblins. Hiro realizes that the citizens have the right to run from such a monster.

Goblin Assault

Full Dive This Ultimate Next Gen

Full Dive This Ultimate Next-Gen

He asks Reona if the City of Ted is not surrounded by a moat that prevents the goblins and other monsters from entering the City. Reona replied that the City is protected, but she wonders how the goblins managed to enter the City. The guy comments that the most significant drought in 50 years dried up the moat. The goblins took that as an opportunity to attack the City. Reona remarks that she never knew that a goblin assault could happen in the City of Ted. Hiro is excited that he has a chance to fight monsters and become a hero.

He is glad that he is facing something challenging for the first time since he arrived in this game world.  Hiro asks the guy if he can remove the rust from his sword and help him counterattack the goblins. That guy insists that he has no time for that but to run from such a monster as the goblins. Hiro insists that he can save everyone by defeating the army of goblins. The guy can’t believe that a skinny guy like Hiro is trying to act as a hero. The powerful muscle men are running for their life, and Hiro thinks he can wield a sword and slay the goblins.

The guy shows Hiro how to remove rust from his sword. Later after fixing the sword, Hiro and Reona head out and fight with the goblins. Hiro realizes that he can’t allow anyone to die in this City since he promised Martin that there will be no death in this game world. He slays the goblins with the help of the City guards. Their chance of survival increases from o.1 to 5%.

Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Episode 8 Release Date

Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Episode 8 will release on Wednesday, 26 May 2021, at 10:30 PM JST. You will be able to watch Full Dive: This Ultimate Next Gen Episodes online on Funimation.

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