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Full Dive: This Ultimate Next Gen Episode 1 Preview and Plot

Full Dive This Ultimate Next Gen

Full Dive: This Ultimate Next Gen will be caring on the first week of April. This anime is about a gamer who has a boring life, but the world of gaming changed his life. Hiro Yuki is an ordinary high school student who had a boring life. Nothing would have ever entertained him in life. But he was tricked into joining an organization that plays a game. He was given an important role in playing games. The game becomes a daily habit to Hiro, and he discovered that the game is called Ultimate Quest or Kiwame Quest.

The game is more real than reality, with good graphics and  NPV. But the game took place inside the visual ghost town, and it became difficult for the players to complete it. They can also feel real pain when they play the game, and it takes longer for their wounds to heal. In reality, Hiro wears a school uniform, and in the visual game, he wears a faded light blue tunic with a long-sleeved black shirt, brown shorts, and shoes. Let’s find out more about Hiro and other Ultimate Quest players below.

Full Dive: This Ultimate Next Gen Summary

Hiro’s real name is Hiroshi Yuki, and he got the nickname Hiro after joining the Kiwame Quest. He also uses Hiro as his player name in Kiwame Quest. Even though he was tricked into playing the game, he fell in love with VRMMORPG’s, which is virtual reality MMORPGs. When they trick him into playing the game, he was also forced to buy it.

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Thunder Tesla

Full Dive This Ultimate Next Gen

Full Dive This Ultimate Next-Gen

But he manages to adapt to the situation since he has a boring life. He was forced to buy the game by Reona Kisaragi. The two grew up together and became best friends. They enjoy playing Kiwame Quest together, but Hiro finds that the game is not what he expected. His game life became difficult as he faces many challenges and met with hotties who ask him to get the different kinds of stuff. Hiro accepted the game challenge and started to play it every day after school.

He began to complete different missions. A mysterious man who wears a crown mask along with a black hooded sweater also joined Hiro. Later it was discovered that the mysterious man is Soichiro Kamu. Hiro finds that Soichiro has a promising future, and he is the city councilor. Soichiro was a skilled and experienced Full-Dive RPG Gamer. No player has ever broken his record in Kiwame Quest, and he became the first and only player who has completed the Kiwame Quest. He goes by Kamu as his player name.

Tesla became the most powerful and strong NPCs in the Kiwame Quest. Due to his powerful strength, he has been nicknamed Thunder Tesla. Tesla is a young man who became the captain of the guards in Ted. During his duty, he changes his hairstyle and wears golden armor with his sword at his waist. Mizarisa is an inquisitor in Ted’s town.

Martin’s Motto

Full Dive This Ultimate Next Gen

Full Dive This Ultimate Next-Gen

Ginji is one of the players in Kiwame Quest. He is a chubby stalky man who looks like he has a hangover. If you are meeting with him for the first time, you might think that he has been drinking for weeks. He was a Judo fighter at his young age; he was the master of strangulation. Reona is a young lady with long mauve hair; she is the one who made Hiro join the Kiwame Quest.

She uses Hiro as her supporting player, and she manages the desolate game store Kisaragi.  Reona uses force and sells the VRMMORPG game Kiwame Quest to Hiro. Kaeda is Hiro’s sister in the real world; she is not much involved in Kiwame Quest. She was a good sister to Hiro, but after a mysterious incident, she begins to abuse Hiro verbally. They both started not to get along. Alicia is Hiro’s childhood friend; she cares a lot about Hiro. Her brother Martin started to care for Hiro realize that he is a good guy.

But Hiro wanted to level Ted’s town, and Alicia decided to make him stay. She is worried that one day Hiro might change his idea and leave Ted’s town.  Martin earns a living by working at an apple farm. He also plays Kiwame’s Quest, and he loves his motto and says that ”Apples do not need a doctor.” Like his sister, he doesn’t want Hiro to leave the town. Hiro has become like a brother to Martin.

Full Dive: This Ultimate Next Gen Release Date and Official Trailer

Full Dive: This Ultimate Next Gen Episode 1 will release on Wednesday, 7 April 2021, at 10:30 PM JST. You can watch Full Dive: This Ultimate Next Gen Episodes online officially on AnimeLab and Funimation.

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