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Anime Review: Fruits Basket: The Final Episode 2

The final season of Fruit Basket has premiered and has also released two episodes as of yet. It won’t be long before the series is finally over and fans are left with a void as another great anime comes to an end. However, before the anime ends, we will be finding ourselves immersed in great and wholesome moments from the anime. The last two seasons of Fruit Basket have been an interesting watch. Nothing less can be expected of the third season. Two episodes in and the fans are greeted with more cute moments between their favorite ships and some scandalous revelation. As I said, Fruits Basket has returned for a final season only to bring you to a tearful end.

Fruits Basket: The Final premiered on April 6. The anime broadcasts its new episodes on Tuesdays at 01:30 hours JST. The second episode of Fruits Basket The Final was released on 13 April 2021. It goes beyond doubt that this was yet another great episode.

Spoiler Alert: The following contains spoilers from episode 2 of Fruits Basket: The Final. Please refrain from reading ahead if you have not watched the episode and don’t want it spoilt. 

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Fruits Basket: The Final Episode 2 Summary

Akito looks back on an old memory of her and Shigure. Back at Shigure’s place, Tohru struggles to ask him about Akito’s gender but fails. The graduation ceremony is closing at the school and Tohru’s class has been appointed with making flowers. Tohru is constantly in thoughts about the various issues happening around her.

At school, Kyou and Yuki make flowers but they get stolen by their fangirls after Yuki leaves. The rest of the class goes out to find the perpetrators. Having the class to themselves, Tohru asks Kyou if the curse can be broken. He is a bit shocked and roughly replies that he doesn’t know. Having a misconception that Tohru is depressed because of him, he gives her a flower. The rest of the class returns and steps on their moment.

Fruits Basket The Final Episode 2 Review and Summary

Tohru and Kyou– Fruits Basket: The Final.

Back at home, Tohru remains drowned in thoughts. She thinks about Isuzu and her desperation to break the curse. The next day, she goes to meet her but her classmates tell her that she has been absent for days.

Yuki And Machi

Fruits Basket The Final Episode 2 Review and Summary

Fruits Basket: The Final: Yuki and Machi.

Yuki, now the president is treated with too much politeness that bothers him. On his way out of the class, he is suddenly met with a heavily breathing Machi Kuragi. Out of breath, Machi tells him that she came to say hello. When Yuki realizes the meaning of her actions, he blushes and pats her head. Being a tsundere, she slaps his hand away and gives him a flower. They walk away as Yuki says that her flower-making skills are worse than his.

Shigure And Akito

Fruits Basket The Final Episode 2 Review and Summary

Shigeru and Akito– Fruits Basket: The Final.

Shigure goes for a meeting with his publisher in a restaurant. Here, he meets with his parents who tell him to greet Akito. He refuses and quietly leaves. Akito notices him but says nothing.

Kureno calls Shigure to tell him that he should not treat Akito so coldly. Shigure confesses his hatred for Kureno and declares that Akito has always been his and remains so.

When she comes back home, she finds him waiting in her room. She asks him who the woman was and further questions if he has slept with that woman. In denial, Akito shouts at him, reminding him that he slept with Ren, the woman that she hated the most. He replies that he was already punished as she asked him to leave. When she presses the topic further, Shigure claims that he only slept with Ren because Akito had slept with Kureno.

Shigure decides to drop the conversation and leave but Akito immediately kisses him. Enticed by her, he makes love to her.

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Fruits Basket: The Final Episode 2 Review

The second episode of Fruits Basket: The Final was no less than a bombardment of many genres fit together. This episode had fluff, some new revelations, and definitely a lot of drama. Episode 2 further gives light to the toxic relationship between Akito and Shigure. The portrayal from the manga is so accurate that the scene easily gains a hundred points for its accuracy. Shigure’s reason for living apart from the main estate was revealed with so much drama.

I loved how the room was dark when their conversation took place because it sets the mood for the scene. Akito’s crazy and domineering side has not been much of a secret but her weakness when it comes to Shigure was my favorite moment.

Fruits Basket The Final Episode 2 Review and Summary

Yuki and Machi fluff moment.

Additionally, there were some major cute moments between the main characters. Kyou and Tohru have always been a cute couple but what was even cuter in this episode was the interaction between Machi and Yuki. It’s small moments like this that have fans sold to this anime.

The second season felt like a slice-of-life session until it dived into romance followed by some intense scandalous affair.

Fruits Basket: The Final Episode 2 is available for streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, AnimeLab, VRV, and Wakanim.

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