Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode Schedule

Fruit Basket series

Fruits Basket, often shortened to Furuba, is a famous series written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya. It first appeared in the Japanese shojo magazine Hana to Yume on a semi-monthly basis from 1998 all the way until 2006. It has been collected into 27 tankabon collected volumes and has been distributed globally. The English version license for North America and the United Kingdom was obtained by Tokyopop, while the Singapore version was taken over by Chuang Yi. Later on, due to its popularity, after Tokyopop stopped publication of the English versions, Yen Press picked it up for publication instead. It also released omnibus versions similar to the original publisher’s Collector’s Editions.

The manga has had two important adaptations over the years. The first one was directed by Akitaro Daichi and animated by Studio Deen. It was a twenty-six-episode series that premiered on TV Tokyo at first in 2001. After that, the second and the current ongoing series started in 2019. This series is currently ongoing and is about to drop its third and final season. What’s interesting is to note that the anime has a special staff and cast requested by the author Natsuki Takaya. It is produced by TMS Entertainment and usually goes on a weekly episode schedule.

So, what is Fruits Basked about? When will the third season air, and what schedule will it follow? Let’s talk about it.

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Tohru Honda & Kyo Souma (Fruits Basket)
A still of Tohru Honda & Kyo Souma from Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda’s life spirals when she loses her mother in a horrific car accident. With no place to go, she decides to live with her grandfather, but she soon has to leave. An unsupportive family member forces her out of the house. With no other choice left, she begins living in a tent. However, time wasn’t kind to Tohru as she loses her tent too in a landslide. This is when she comes across the Soma household. Yuki Soma is her classmate; she discovers his house close by where her tent used to be. They allow her to live with them, but they also have a powerful secret hidden.

Tohru meets Yuki and his cousins Shigure and Kyo. Accidentally, Tohru falls on Kyo, making him transform into a cat. This is when all the secrets finally come out. The Soma family has a curse running through their bloodline. Everyone in the family is possessed by the spirits of the Chinese Zodiac. They turn into their respective Zodiac animal when they’re under stress, weak, embarrassed, or hugged by the opposite sex. She is taken aback by such a revelation but agrees not to tell anyone about their curse. In return, the Somas allow her to live with them.

Tohru becomes determined to find a way to break the curse and free the Soma family. She comes across the various vengeful spirits of the Chinese Zodiac, including Akito, who is considered God in the Chinese legend. Akito keeps to family together and also binds the zodiac spirits to the family members. He is the leader of them all.

Season 3 Release

Fruits Basket Season 3 Release Date

After airing the 50th and final episode of Season 2, Fruits Basket is now coming back for the final season called Fruits Basket: The Final.

Season 2 ended with a shocking revelation. In the final episode, we see Kurome draw out Tohru. He finds her trying to talk to a few sparrows on her way to buy envelopes for Shigure. While talking, Kurome simply hugs Tohru and surprisingly does not turn into a rooster. He reveals that the curse broke for him when he was quite young. Kurome reveals that he has been with Akito out of choice and not because the curse bound him to be there. All in all, Kurome goes on to say a lot of surprising things. Perhaps the most shocking revelation he makes is that Akito is actually a girl! This one sure shocked some fans to no end. What will happen now?

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode Schedule

Well, the third season is slated to start airing on 6th April 2021. Considering that Fruits Basket has had a history of weekly episodes, we can estimate a schedule as follows:

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 1 – Release Date – 6 April 2021

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 2 – Release Date – 13 April 2021

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 3 – Release Date – 20 April 2021

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 4- Release Date – 27 April 2021

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 5- Release Date – 4 May 2021

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 6- Release Date – 11 May 2021

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 7- Release Date – 18 May 2021

And so on. This will likely continue until the season has a total of 25 episodes in the final season as well. So, what do you think will happen since Akito’s identity has been revealed? Let us know in the comments.

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